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Tips for Small Business Financial Planning

If you have started a small business or you plan to, you have probably experienced the excitement and anxiety that comes with a new adventure. Your focus may be creating a great product or offering a great service. You may also spend a lot of time on your marketing plan and customer acquisition, not to mention hiring your staff. Unfortunately, because of the amount of time required to handle all these tasks, your business’s financial planning may take a back seat, but this is a mistake. These are a few tips to help you with your financial planning tasks.

Set and Separate Your Goals

Although it may seem counterproductive, your first step in your small business financial planning is setting your personal and business goals. Your personal goals should include your priorities and short-term goals (less than one year), but they should also include five- and 10-year goals. Personal goals may include getting more exercise, finishing your college degree, starting a family, purchasing a home, etc.

Once you have your personal goals written down, you should start working on your business goals. Use the same format, priorities, short- and long-term goals. For example, priorities may include hiring the right staff members, creating or implementing your marketing plan, etc. Your goals may include your revenue for the year, five years and 10 years. What are your growth projections?

Then, you need to separate these goals. You don’t want to compromise either your personal or business goals by mixing your finances. You need to set priorities. For instance, do you value time with your family over business growth? What about your child’s education fund versus reinvesting in your company to expand your product lines?

Investigate Outsourcing Opportunities

As a new business, you may think that you need to do everything on your own. For example, you may consider doing your own taxes rather than hiring a professional, but this could be to your detriment rather than to your benefit. Professional CPAs understand the tax code and will find you every deduction your business qualifies for, reducing your tax burden. These savings may be well above what you would save by doing your own taxes.

You may also look into outsourcing other functions, such as answering phones, general accounting and human resources duties, etc. These duties can be time-consuming, and if you have to hire dedicated staff, you will pay far more in salary and benefits than you may pay to outsource these tasks unless your business is to provide these tasks. By outsourcing you free yourself and your staff to focus on creating and providing great products and services. You will also have more time to spend with your family.

Not only will these tips, separating your goals and outsourcing, improve your company’s financial position, but they will also improve your work-life balance.

Small Business

An Extensive Guide for Non-collateral Business Loans for Small and Medium-sized Business

Many business owners want to acquire funding to back up their ideas while starting or expanding a business. A great number of them choose no security business loans.

Essentially, there are two forms of loans: unsecured loans and secured loans. The primary distinction seen between secured and unsecured loans is that a secured loan involves using an asset as collateral.

In other terms, it’s a collateral business loan in which you must put something up as collateral in exchange for funding.

No security business loans or unsecured loans are those that do not demand collateral. While certain business loans are available that do not require collateral, they are not as easy to discover or as easily available as a conventional secured loan.

Process for a standard secured loan

Most individuals know the concept of a secured loan since they may have used this form of financing as customers.

A mortgage, for instance, is known as the most well-secured loan because it uses the home as security. If you happen to fail to make your mortgage payments, the lender will be entitled to seize the home in the future.

The entire purpose of establishing a secured loan is to decrease the lender’s risk. This is why many creditors prefer to only give this sort of credit, particularly to new businesses that are naturally riskier.

Is it difficult to acquire a small- and medium-sized business loan without collateral?

If you need an unsecured business loan for your new or existing business owner, there are a few choices to consider. These are some examples:

Small Business Administration loans (SBA Loans)

The Small Business Administration, a government agency, backs SBA loans. This sort of loan may or may not require collateral, and even new businesses may be able to obtain a loan without the requirement for security from an approved SBA lender. On the other hand, other SBA loans may need collateral, so it’s crucial to double-check before signing.

Long-term loans available online

Several internet lenders provide short-term and long-term loans to businesses. While both are “lending,” there are some important distinctions to be made.

Long-term credit is more traditional, to begin with. The creditor will advance a particular amount that will be repaid monthly over a specified period. Though not as inexpensive as SBA loans, they are quite reasonable, and the application process is frequently quick and simple.

Cash advances from merchants (MCAS)

Although merchant funds appear to need collateral, they need not. The lending business will only purchase your future assets—nothing you hold today.

When a firm obtains a merchant cash advance, the finance company advances a specific amount that is subsequently repaid using a specific percentage of sales. In essence, it is buying a piece of the company’s future revenues.

Although the eligibility standards for this form of loan are very flexible, there may be a risk to cash flow. Therefore, when choosing this option, proceed with caution because many MCAs contain complicated contracts and various costs.

Weighing the alternatives

Any business owner seeking more working capital must first assess their present financial condition. Because of the simplified approval procedure and fewer risks for the borrower, an unsecured business loan makes the most sense in many instances.

When you take out a loan to fund your business, examine if you truly prefer a non-collateral alternative and why.  If you are concerned that you may default and have your assets taken by the lender, now is not the time to obtain finance.

Small Business

3 Tips on Screening Small Business Drivers

If transportation is an important part of your small business, then finding the right drivers will be critical to your long-term success. Requiring that someone simply have a valid driver’s license may not be quite enough to ensure that your business maintains a safe, reputable driving record. Here are a few tips which can help you to better screen potential drivers.

Start With A Driving Record Check 

The best place to start will be by running a driving record check on potential drivers. This should be an essential part of your hiring process. The driving record check will reveal to you if the individual has struggled with safe driving in the past. Be cautious of anyone who is hesitant to have a driving record check run. It is also important not to get into too big of a rush in your efforts to simply fill a position. When employers get in a rush to fill a position they may not be as thorough as they need to be. Cutting corners could cost you later on.

Have Your Own Testing Process 

It is a great idea to develop your own driver testing process. Each business will be unique in its driving needs. Your drivers need to be well trained and well tested concerning the type of driving you are specifically expecting. For instance, if you are transporting dangerous materials, you will want to ensure that your drivers transport those materials at a certain speed and with as little movement inside the vehicle as possible. This could be very different from the type of safe driving they are already accustomed to.

Other Considerations

The way a person drives may not be your only consideration if your company is involved with transporting people. When people are being transported it is essential that drivers are screened and vetted for safety ahead of time. This could include performing a criminal background check as well. Individuals who have had predatory tendencies in the past do not need to be put in a position of transporting people, especially vulnerable individuals such as children or the elderly.

Use Probationary Periods

Another great option may be to utilize probationary periods. During a probationary period, you can observe new drivers with a different type of intensity than you would during a regular work shift. It can also be a good idea to utilize technology that will track how the individual is driving. Today there is technology available that can help you monitor if the person is driving too fast, how hard they are braking and if there have been any other issues.

After The Hire

Even after you have hired someone, you will need to continue to monitor their driving behavior. Just because there was not a problem before you hired them does not mean a problem could not develop. You can continue to monitor your drivers by performing intermittent driving record checks as well as to continue to use driving monitoring technology.

Another important way you can monitor your drivers is to pay attention to complaints. Your company vehicles should have a phone number plainly visible on the vehicles. Other drivers, pedestrians, or anyone in the community should be able to use this phone number to call your business and notify you of any unsafe driving behavior they have seen. This type of feedback can be very beneficial to your company.

Using drivers is a great way to increase your reach in the community. Whether you are delivering goods or services or transporting people, ensuring that those drivers are safe will be the key to your company’s long-term success.

Small Business

How SEO is helping small business grow in today’s marketing landscape

Many brands and businesses are aware (or believe they are aware) of the importance of SEO for their digital products, as well as the advantages of having SEO work done on their behalf. While SEO would undoubtedly boost a website’s overall searchability and visibility, what other benefits can it provide? What is the significance of SEO to your business? Read on to understand the key benefits of an SEO strategy for your business and how an SEO agency can help.

Helps create user-friendly websites

SEO can help small business owners in developing a platform that is simpler, smoother, and more user-friendly. While the majority of people still adhere to the old concept of SEO, believing that it is solely about optimizing for search engines, SEO is now all about enhancing user experience.

Websites that are well-structured, tidy, and uncluttered encourage casual visitors to linger longer, lower bounce rates, and increase page visits. Similarly, extremely important material (sales pages and blog articles) makes the followers satisfied because it lets them discover just what they’re searching for on your web by answering their inquiries, resolving their urgent problems, and addressing their concerns. If you seek help from an enterprise SEO services company, the on-page SEO created will make the customers happier, which will, in turn, make search engines happy as well because they value high-quality serving content to their consumers.

Builds Brand Awareness

Building market equity is one of the benefits of achieving higher SERP rankings. When your pages show on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your future clients are more inclined to trust your brand than other products which don’t have a clear online presence when they key in specific words or phrases.

That is why small companies that want to improve their market image (either locally or nationally) can invest in SEO and begin achieving top rankings for the keywords that are relevant to their industry.

Earn a competitive edge

Search engines and SEO are extremely efficient. If your rivals are using SEO marketing, you must actually question yourself why you haven’t done so as well.

Let’s look at two companies in the same market that offer similar goods at comparable costs. One of them has a website that is optimized, and the other does not. Given all other factors are equal, which business do you believe would draw more consumers from local searches to their website? Of course, it’s the one that invests in enterprise SEO services.

Draw in more clients

One of the primary motivations for creating a website is to differentiate yourself from the competition and develop your client base. Otherwise, why would you spend a fortune on marketing? Businesses with an SEO-optimized website attract twice as many buyers and expand twice as quickly as those without one.

SEO is perhaps the most effective online campaign approach available today as it only attracts consumers who are aggressively looking for the good or service! It’s a “modern era” marketing tactic, but it’s vital to a company’s online presence in this day and age, particularly when the amount of data accessible and the competition grows.

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3 Reasons Why VoIP Is a Good Choice for Small Businesses

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone system that works through the internet instead of landlines. It is cloud-based, works on multiple devices and is available anywhere that had a strong internet signal. Read on to learn the three reasons why having a VoIP phone is a good idea for your business.

1. Low Cost To Startup and Maintain

There is no special equipment needed to set up a VoIP phone system. It works with any laptop, tablet or cell phone so you don’t need to have desk-phones installed at your business. Fees start at a low monthly rate charged per user, and basic plans include extras like voice mail, caller ID and long-distance. It is also easy and inexpensive to add new lines as you hire additional personnel.

2. Accessible Anywhere

When you travel, your VoIP system comes with you. You no longer need to use your cell number as a point of contact when you are out of the office. The VoIP app works with your phone to receive business calls directly on your cell phone. This allows you to have privacy and still have accessibility. It also means you can have employees work from home and always use the company line to make and receive calls.

3. Call Quality

Many people who use VoIP state that call quality is better than using a landline. Since the signal is converted digitally and run through internet lines, it has less interference. Good sound quality is essential when client calls may be long-distance or international. Being able to hear each other clearly is vital for good customer service.

The internet has changed the way the phone industry works. VoIP is less expensive than traditional calling methods, provides good sound quality and is available to use anywhere. It is a solid option for small businesses when considering phone systems.

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Key Features Of Silicone Sponge Cord and More

The silicone sponge cord is manufactured from a high-quality silicone rubber material that provides a broad operating temperature and offers excellent electrical insulation properties. It is easy to compress and manipulate and can be vulcanized using RTV silicone adhesive to create an effective watertight seal. It is suitable for long term use in external environments.

The silicone sponge cord & sponge extrusion profiles have outstanding sealing properties due to its high compression force deflection however it has the capabilities and material formulations to cater for low CFD if the application requires it.

Silicone sponge extrusion profiles permit us to achieve exceptional physical properties including tremendously low water absorption preventing water and dust ingress. This is likely due to a uniformed closed-cell structure. Silicone sponge cord made out from different densities provides range of solutions which is suitable to almost any application.

Key Features of Silicone Sponge Cord –

Range of silicone cord can be used with complete safety in food applications, whether the food is dry, aqueous or fatty.

  1. Ideal for applications that require exposure to extreme temperatures (-60° C to +200° C)
  2. Have excellent resistance against ozone/radiation, UV and arc/corona
  3. Silicone Cord is not suitable for contact with oils, solvents, dilute alkalis or concentrated acids.
  4. Density from soft, medium and hard
  5. Wide temperature ranges from 230°C to -60°C
  6. Food grade material for use in food applications
  7. Safe for use with water-based applications
  8. Tight Tolerance

What About the Silicone Cord Applications -?

Silicone sponge and foam cord can be used in an extensive series of applications due to its high-temperature durability, variable densities, and sizes.

  • High-temperature sealing
  • Door/Oven Seals
  • External Electrical Seals
  • Packaging and Food Processing Machinery Seals
  • General Sealing Across Industries

Silicone Sponge Cord Availability

  • 2mm up to 50mm diameter
  • Densities From 200kg/M³ (Soft) To 530 Kg/M³ (Firm)
  • Excellent Ozone, UV And Weathering Resistance
  • Closed Cell Structure
  • Thermally Stable Over A Wide Range of Temperatures (-60°C To 230°C)
  • Colors Available in White, Red, Grey and Black

What are the benefits?

  • Cord can be produced in diameters ranging from 2mm to 50mm.
  • It is cut to length and joined to form rings
  • Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures (-60°C to 230°C)
  • Superior sealing properties in harsh environments

Rubber Gasket

They are widely used in various industries to fill space between two objects and hence prevent the leakage while under compression. These are providing high pressure sealing under static conditions.

Gaskets are mechanical seals that avoid leaks between separate substrate sections. It is occasionally made of metal because they must be durable enough to withstand extreme pressures and wear. Gaskets, such as O-rings, can be made out of synthetic rubbers or silicone rubber. Thick rubbers are vigorous enough to handle the categories of pressure and conditions associated with gasket applications.

Rubber Gasket Applications

Gaskets are used in a wide variety of applications in a diverse range of environments.

  • O-rings, which is the most common type of gasket, are made of synthetic rubber and account for a large portion of rubber gasket use.
  • It is made out from different rubber material as per application & project needs. It offers excellent commercial as well as industrial sealing & insulation in transportation vehicles, industrial equipment & machineries, door & windows and other applications. They can perform well with other rubber materials, or various kinds of metal and even wood.

Types of Rubbers Used in Gaskets

Due to the multitude of different environments faced by a different application, many types of rubbers are used to manufacture rubber gaskets. Some rubbers need to withstand both extreme cold as well as extreme heat, while others must withstand chemicals that may act as corrosives and could result in deterioration to many types of rubber

  1. Nitrile rubber or Buna-N is a general-purpose rubber with a good temperature range (-65 to 300 degrees F). It will not easily crack due to good wear resistance.
  2. Ethylene Propylene (EPR) works well with hydraulic fluids that are corrosive and dangerous when exposed to human skin. Because of its high resistance to corrosive fluids.
  3. Fluorocarbon is another all-purpose rubber that has a higher temperature range than nitrile rubber. It can be used in many diverse applications such as oils, fluids, and gases, as well as certain types of acids.
  4. Silicone Rubber is classically used for extreme temperatures, but it does not achieve well in applications that require extreme tear resistance or much movement and pressure.
  5. PTFE can withstand very high heat (up to 500 degrees F) while maintaining dielectric strength and chemical inertness. it is used in many applications where water can be an issue because it resists all water.

Why High Temp Gasket Material?

Environmental conditions should be considered when designing an elastomeric gasket or cushioning pad. Excessive heat will steadily reduce rubber materials as well as deteriorate performance.

As a precursor to many rubber tests, heat aging of the rubber material before mechanical testing is typical ASTM D 573, ASTM D 1056, UL 50, UL 48, UL 508, and UL 157 have heat aging requirements. Gaskets and pads visible to high temperature or prolonged heat exposure can show premature failure leading to water ingress.

Silicone is a non-toxic polymer generally made from silica, it can resist heating and freezing without escape or off-gassing, dangerous chemicals. Silicone rubbers are extensively used in industry and there are many constructions. Accurate Rubber Corporation is counted as the best supplier comes up with a wide range of rubber products including High-Temperature Rubber tubing & Gasket and so on.


Many rubbers are available for various working conditions. However, they all have one property in common that is the effect of heat is cumulative and irreversible. Rubber is a significant class of materials for sealing in the medium temperature range because they rapidly return to their original shape when any deforming stress or load is removed.

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Best Amazon Product Listing Tips From The Specialists

Amazon product listing services are one of the major steps that build brand reputation and earn revenue. To make it work appropriately, the listing experts keep a hawk eye over the keyword searching when hunting for a product; apart from these, they also analyse the product images, descriptions, relevance, customer reviews and other factors that build a better Amazon store.

Here are best Amazon product listing tips from the specialists to rank top on the search list:

Research Is Important & Substantial

The type of product you want to sell on Amazon keeps a very important place when it comes to revenue earning. When it comes to a niche electronic product, Amazon has thousands of sellers who you find competing on the same product. Some of the sellers are selling the same product at a lower price or some are giving free vouchers.

Amazon product listing services experts deeply analyse what is best for the seller to rank high above its competitors. Check out the tips:

  • Identify relevant categories where your product can work better and increase your ability to rank high.
  • Research keywords and long tail keywords as well to grab the most potential crowd.
  • Research your target demographic – by age, gender, interest and other relevant factors.
  • Outsource Amazon bulk product upload services to keep yourself on the fast track.

Be The Best In Your Field

Research on your product and competitors and find out how they are establishing. Grab some excellent tips to improve your product page on Amazon:

  • Images – Go for HD product images and showcase lifestyle images as well for better product’s usage.
  • Product Title – Amazon’s product title is the first which will attract your customer while being descriptive, attractive and SEO friendly as well. The basic format is: Brand + Model Number + Size + Type + Specifications
  • Bullet Points – Use bullet points that are easy to read and give you the utmost opportunity to place keywords describing the product specifications and features.
  • Product Descriptions – Invest in 100% original and high-quality SEO friendly content and definitely, it will pay you back with high traffic and maximum conversions.
  • Customer Support – Be transparent about your return, refund and shipping policies. Offer them wide customer support and respond to the customer inquiries within a certain amount of time.
  • Additional Tip – It is better to give a demo of your product through a video and win your customer’s confidence.

Own The Buy Box

‘Buy Box’ is the favourite weapon of many concerned sellers. The Buy Box helps you to make maximum organic sales due to a lot of reasons:

  • It helps to keep your own costs low
  • Keeps good inventory management
  • Smart product sourcing
  • Most persuading area

How you can earn ‘Buy Box’?

  • Keep your total shipping and product cost to the lowest
  • Have the best product reviews
  • Attempt to fulfil orders same day
  • Use FBA to speed up delivery
  • Offer a good quality product and customer support
  • Keep the stock up and never run ‘stock out’ or ‘sold out’
  • Pay for a Pro account
  • Offer seller-fulfilled Prime
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What Are Your Requirements for Water Delivery

You cannot keep your employees happy if you deprive them of a water cooler. Water coolers are featured with cool and cold taps as well as hot and cold taps. The coolers normally come with a one-year warranty and can also be hired for certain events.

Contaminants in Water

People like to have their water delivered whether the water is delivered to a home or office setting. That is because drinking water from a cooler is considered more healthful. Not only is the water better tasting but it does not contain contaminants. Contaminants can either be considered harmful or harmless and therefore can range from arsenic or lead to sulfur or iron in a water supply.

Arsenic and lead are harmful. Yet you cannot taste them in a water supply. Sulfur or iron, on the other hand, are considered harmless although they can be detected by a distasteful smell. That is why water delivery today has proven to be a popular way to meet people’s hydration needs.

Nitrates in Water

When you have access to a water cooler, you can drink fresh water whenever you are thirsty. You can also make tea with the water if the cooler features a hot water tap. Besides some of the aforementioned contaminants, nitrates are also found in various water tables. Whilst nitrates occur naturally, they can become a problem if they are delivered in certain concentrations.

For example, the nitrates in water can affect the health of the elderly and children. It is almost impossible to identify certain contaminants with a test. Nitrates are naturally occurring ions. Therefore, they are both common and widespread. Issues emerge when certain human activities create imbalances in the water supply.

Therefore, having access to fresh water is well worth the investment. If you want to avoid some of the contaminants that are found in a water supply, you need to review the various water coolers that are available for hire or purchasing.

Benchtop Coolers

Most coolers today hold bottles that are 15 litres in size and feature free delivery. Whilst you can choose water coolers that are made of plastic materials, you can also select coolers that are made of stainless steel. You might also be interested in a benchtop water cooler design. This compact style is suitable for home or office use.

In addition, you can select a benchtop dispenser made of ceramic. This type of water container is also ideal for home or office use. You can order the dispenser with or without a wooden stand. You can also choose from various bottled water options. For example, bottles for coolers are made from a BPA-free polymer plastic that imparts no unpleasant taste or odours. Therefore, the container will not leach any toxins into the water supply. The bottles feature handles so they can easily be lifted on a variety of water coolers.

Bottles of Spring Water

You can also obtain 12-litre bottles for special events and 1.5-litre bottles for individual drinking. The water in the 1.5-litre bottles is natural spring water and is often ordered for festivals or company events.

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The Best Way Keep Your Warehouse Safe and Secure

The best way to keep your warehouse or industrial site safe and secure is by fitting the portal with a roller shutter door. Roller shutters are designed to leave additional room for storage while also protecting a site. The doors, which come in various sizes, are fast and simple to operate. A remote control system is usually the preferred method for opening and closing the door.

Some of the Primary Benefits

When making a decision for Stoke-on-Trent roller shutters – sales, installations, and repairs, you need to review the benefits. The following factors will influence your decision for installation:

  • Roller shutters are made to improve building security as well as withstand daily traffic.
  • The doors are made tough. Therefore, they resist break-ins from vehicles or vandals on foot.
  • The doors keep a business warm in the winter. To retain additional heat, an industrial curtain can be fitted behind a door.
  • The doors do not open out. As a result, loading and unloading products is simplified.
  • Many of the security roller installations are made to resist graffiti or similar demarcations.

Other Security Products

Besides the use of a roller shutter door, a business can benefit by implementing the following security products:

  • A full alarm system
  • A complete network of security lights

When you take these types of measures, you reduce the business liability for your company and ensure the safety and comfort of employees and visitors. It is agreed that in a crime-prone area certain other security solutions might work faster. Some of which include, installation of surveillance cameras within and without the premises, installation of motion sensors at entry points, detailing security guards and in rare emergencies, armed military guards with AR-10 rifles, AR-10 rifle kits, that sort of thing. This of cause can be done together with the roller shutters. Roller door shutters and doors come in various designs and materials as well. Lighter materials are used when there is more of a need for privacy. However, for securing a site, stronger products, such as steel, are used to keep people protected.

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Save Time with Commercial Storage

No matter if you find yourself with far too many paper documents to handle or plant machinery to store, commercial storage solutions make it fast and simple for you to move your belongings around with ease. After all, any commercial business may find that its offices no longer have enough room to accommodate all employees without first storing less important documents and more to increase the amount of useable space.


Booking services with a great value commercial storage company in Basingstoke will ensure that you not only save time and money, but also receive the most convenience possible from the moment you first book services. Booking is also simple and will take only a few moments to complete as you explain what type of storage you require, when you want to implement the service, and more. Ultimately, this is one service that will help you to improve your company as a whole while you continue to build commercial success for it.


Reliable commercial storage may be difficult to come across unless you take the time to contact only the most reputable companies offering this service. The right locations will take your unique business needs into account and ensure that your needs are met with every single aspect of the process while also meeting industry standards with ease. When you already have a business to run, including everything from advertising campaigns to employee benefits packages, a reliable storage service will make a significant difference.