Best Amazon Product Listing Tips From The Specialists


Amazon product listing services are one of the major steps that build brand reputation and earn revenue. To make it work appropriately, the listing experts keep a hawk eye over the keyword searching when hunting for a product; apart from these, they also analyse the product images, descriptions, relevance, customer reviews and other factors that build a better Amazon store.

Here are best Amazon product listing tips from the specialists to rank top on the search list:

Research Is Important & Substantial

The type of product you want to sell on Amazon keeps a very important place when it comes to revenue earning. When it comes to a niche electronic product, Amazon has thousands of sellers who you find competing on the same product. Some of the sellers are selling the same product at a lower price or some are giving free vouchers.

Amazon product listing services experts deeply analyse what is best for the seller to rank high above its competitors. Check out the tips:

  • Identify relevant categories where your product can work better and increase your ability to rank high.
  • Research keywords and long tail keywords as well to grab the most potential crowd.
  • Research your target demographic – by age, gender, interest and other relevant factors.
  • Outsource Amazon bulk product upload services to keep yourself on the fast track.

Be The Best In Your Field

Research on your product and competitors and find out how they are establishing. Grab some excellent tips to improve your product page on Amazon:

  • Images – Go for HD product images and showcase lifestyle images as well for better product’s usage.
  • Product Title – Amazon’s product title is the first which will attract your customer while being descriptive, attractive and SEO friendly as well. The basic format is: Brand + Model Number + Size + Type + Specifications
  • Bullet Points – Use bullet points that are easy to read and give you the utmost opportunity to place keywords describing the product specifications and features.
  • Product Descriptions – Invest in 100% original and high-quality SEO friendly content and definitely, it will pay you back with high traffic and maximum conversions.
  • Customer Support – Be transparent about your return, refund and shipping policies. Offer them wide customer support and respond to the customer inquiries within a certain amount of time.
  • Additional Tip – It is better to give a demo of your product through a video and win your customer’s confidence.

Own The Buy Box

‘Buy Box’ is the favourite weapon of many concerned sellers. The Buy Box helps you to make maximum organic sales due to a lot of reasons:

  • It helps to keep your own costs low
  • Keeps good inventory management
  • Smart product sourcing
  • Most persuading area

How you can earn ‘Buy Box’?

  • Keep your total shipping and product cost to the lowest
  • Have the best product reviews
  • Attempt to fulfil orders same day
  • Use FBA to speed up delivery
  • Offer a good quality product and customer support
  • Keep the stock up and never run ‘stock out’ or ‘sold out’
  • Pay for a Pro account
  • Offer seller-fulfilled Prime
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