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What Are Your Requirements for Water Delivery

You cannot keep your employees happy if you deprive them of a water cooler. Water coolers are featured with cool and cold taps as well as hot and cold taps. The coolers normally come with a one-year warranty and can also be hired for certain events.

Contaminants in Water

People like to have their water delivered whether the water is delivered to a home or office setting. That is because drinking water from a cooler is considered more healthful. Not only is the water better tasting but it does not contain contaminants. Contaminants can either be considered harmful or harmless and therefore can range from arsenic or lead to sulfur or iron in a water supply.

Arsenic and lead are harmful. Yet you cannot taste them in a water supply. Sulfur or iron, on the other hand, are considered harmless although they can be detected by a distasteful smell. That is why water delivery today has proven to be a popular way to meet people’s hydration needs.

Nitrates in Water

When you have access to a water cooler, you can drink fresh water whenever you are thirsty. You can also make tea with the water if the cooler features a hot water tap. Besides some of the aforementioned contaminants, nitrates are also found in various water tables. Whilst nitrates occur naturally, they can become a problem if they are delivered in certain concentrations.

For example, the nitrates in water can affect the health of the elderly and children. It is almost impossible to identify certain contaminants with a test. Nitrates are naturally occurring ions. Therefore, they are both common and widespread. Issues emerge when certain human activities create imbalances in the water supply.

Therefore, having access to fresh water is well worth the investment. If you want to avoid some of the contaminants that are found in a water supply, you need to review the various water coolers that are available for hire or purchasing.

Benchtop Coolers

Most coolers today hold bottles that are 15 litres in size and feature free delivery. Whilst you can choose water coolers that are made of plastic materials, you can also select coolers that are made of stainless steel. You might also be interested in a benchtop water cooler design. This compact style is suitable for home or office use.

In addition, you can select a benchtop dispenser made of ceramic. This type of water container is also ideal for home or office use. You can order the dispenser with or without a wooden stand. You can also choose from various bottled water options. For example, bottles for coolers are made from a BPA-free polymer plastic that imparts no unpleasant taste or odours. Therefore, the container will not leach any toxins into the water supply. The bottles feature handles so they can easily be lifted on a variety of water coolers.

Bottles of Spring Water

You can also obtain 12-litre bottles for special events and 1.5-litre bottles for individual drinking. The water in the 1.5-litre bottles is natural spring water and is often ordered for festivals or company events.

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