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3 Reasons Why VoIP Is a Good Choice for Small Businesses

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone system that works through the internet instead of landlines. It is cloud-based, works on multiple devices and is available anywhere that had a strong internet signal. Read on to learn the three reasons why having a VoIP phone is a good idea for your business.

1. Low Cost To Startup and Maintain

There is no special equipment needed to set up a VoIP phone system. It works with any laptop, tablet or cell phone so you don’t need to have desk-phones installed at your business. Fees start at a low monthly rate charged per user, and basic plans include extras like voice mail, caller ID and long-distance. It is also easy and inexpensive to add new lines as you hire additional personnel.

2. Accessible Anywhere

When you travel, your VoIP system comes with you. You no longer need to use your cell number as a point of contact when you are out of the office. The VoIP app works with your phone to receive business calls directly on your cell phone. This allows you to have privacy and still have accessibility. It also means you can have employees work from home and always use the company line to make and receive calls.

3. Call Quality

Many people who use VoIP state that call quality is better than using a landline. Since the signal is converted digitally and run through internet lines, it has less interference. Good sound quality is essential when client calls may be long-distance or international. Being able to hear each other clearly is vital for good customer service.

The internet has changed the way the phone industry works. VoIP is less expensive than traditional calling methods, provides good sound quality and is available to use anywhere. It is a solid option for small businesses when considering phone systems.

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