Secrets Exposed! The Truth About Closing Deals


Wondering how some sales professionals always seem to close the deal? It isn’t by chance, or because of a superhuman power. Rather, the sale professionals who close more deals understand the secrets of sales success. And now you can too. Check out these truths about closing more sales.

Date the Prospect

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, right? Building a relationship with prospective customers is a parallel to dating someone. Start the relationship by asking simple questions and by providing necessary, relevant information. Oh, and also take care to make yourself and your company look attractive.

Build upon the sales relationship, or begin ‘dating’ the prospect, by asking more questions, being available when needed and by providing additional information as requested. Easing into the sales relationship shows a prospect that you care about more than landing the sale and can help increase your ratio of successful closes.

Perfect your Intro

A lot of sales advice focuses on your closing message. But your intro is just as, if not more, important. A prospect’s first impression of you and your business greatly impacts whether or not that prospect decides to become your customer. Perfect your intro by learning more about which information resonates with prospects and which information drives them away. Gathering these details and also entering the conversation with an interest in the prospect’s desires and needs will help solidify the path to a sale.

Hone your Sales Materials

What message does your sales material convey? Does each piece of marketing collateral provide a crisp and consistent message and appearance? Honing your sales materials will help guide more prospects down your sales funnel, will prevent confusion and will present your company in the best light. Start by determining the key messages that your materials should convey and then find a writing professional to craft those messages in a brand manner.

Know the Competition

You can’t turn more prospects into customers if you don’t first have a solid understanding of your competitors. Like it or not, prospects will frequently talk about your competitors during the sales process. If you don’t have a firm understanding of those products and services, you can’t confidently explain why the prospect should choose you instead of the other business. Learn more about your competitors by reviewing their websites, implementing a social listening strategy and more.

Close with the Prospect’s Interests

Prospects don’t care about your interests or the interests of your company. They care about their interests and how you can meet those interests. According to Popping the Question: Ensuring a Good Close Ratio, you can close more deals by telling the customer why the next step in the sales process is in their best interest, not yours.

This shows the prospect that you’ve listened to their thoughts and concerns and that you offer a product or service that will help them. Customers do business with sales professionals who care about them. Land more sales by showing more prospects that you care.

Closing the deal is easier than you may think. As long as you’re following the tricks that have been perfected by the top sales professionals. From learning how to date the prospect to perfecting your intro, put these truths into action to close more deals.

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