How to Market Your Non-Profit


Charities and non-profits do such great work, but unfortunately, they suffer from the same struggles that for-profit businesses do. They need visibility to reach greater audiences, and they need funds to grow and expand their operations. If you find that you are struggling to get people to volunteer, donate, or buy from your non-profit so that you can fund your community works know that you are not alone. There is an attention market out there that is very hard to get on top of, but with this guide, you’ll be able to expand your reach and your audience.

You Need a Great Website

People don’t expect charities to have the fanciest offices or even the best customer service, because that is not what they are there for. At the same time, not having a great-looking website can be to your detriment. This isn’t because people expect you to have a great site, but that they automatically do not trust sites that look outdated or poorly made. The reason why is simple; it is very easy to have a great site, and it’s well within your budget. You can either try it yourself if you or someone on your team have some web design experience, or you can get it right the first time by investing in professional web design for charities.

The benefits are obvious and instant. Visitors to your site will trust your site, they will be happier to make donations, and they will want to engage. A great site also makes it easy to do these things, allowing you to connect to a broader audience online.

You Need to be Social

With how great smartphones are today, there is no excuse for poor quality content. There are apps and free resources to create text posts, easily transform photos into stunning works of art, etc. Most non-profits don’t put a lot of thought into their aesthetics online or into the quality of their content, which means the ones that do instantly stand out and draw attention.

You Need to Inform

People will follow your non-profit and visit your site (and, of course, share your content) when you create content worth engaging with. This isn’t just photos. In fact, you’ll find photos are the least engaged with as a non-profit unless the photo is shocking. Text posts, articles about the cause you are invested in, and general advocacy will all do wonders towards building an audience. Take information from articles you write and create posts for social media that allow users to ingest information in bite-sizes.

Build a Community

There are so many ways that you can build a community. You can get in touch with local advocates, organize events, get sponsored by local businesses, and more. People are actually very happy to volunteer if they feel like they can get a social reward out of it. This social reward is, in most cases, making friends. Take that, and try to build a community that will improve your advocacy and charity work and increase donations and visibility.

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