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Leveling Up Your Barber Shop

Barbershops have been community hubs for hundreds of years, offering men a place to gather and interact. According to Statistica, 14,880 barbers were working in the United States in 2020.

Barbers serve men and boys. They cut and style hair and shave facial hair. Today, many salons offer unisex services, forcing barbers to compete with other barbershops and salons, but barbers can use the tips outlined here to transform their shop and remain competitive.

Install new seats.

Every client who visits your shop sits in a barber chair. Installing new barber shop seats is a great way to emphasize customer service because new chairs are stylish and comfortable. Each client can lean back with the footrest supporting their feet and the adjustable headrest securing their head to ensure their comfort. The upholstery comes in various styles and colors, ensuring you can find a chair that suits your shop’s aesthetic. Whether you’re giving a client a haircut or a shave, they’ll appreciate sitting in these durable, comfortable chairs.

Increase your services.

While most people think of getting a shave or haircut at a barbershop, there are other services you can provide. If you don’t already trim facial hair, add that to your list of services. You can also expand your hairstyling services with professional braiding and eyebrow styling. You can also offer to trim other hair, such as ear hairs and nose hairs.

Many men are also interested in nail services. You can clean and clip nails as part of your service package. Making your barbershop a one-stop-shop for male appearance needs can ensure your shop thrives.

Add some entertainment to your shop.

It seems like everyone’s on their smartphone these days, but you can foster social interaction at your barbershop by adding a flat-screen TV and broadcasting engaging content. You may opt to steer clear of politics to avoid conflict and put on sporting events to promote discussion.

Make your shop a place boys look forward to visiting by adding some content just for them. Perhaps you have space to add a couple of retro video games or a TV and video game console. You might also add Lego or toy cars for young boys to play with.

Redecorate your shop.

Hire an interior designer and transform your shop. If you’re investing in new barber chairs, coordinate with your interior designer before making your order to ensure you choose chairs that are the right color and style for your shop’s new design. Whether you opt for a classic design, embrace an industrial style, or choose a different design style, redecorating your shop is a great way to appeal to your clientele.

You can use the redesign as an opportunity to host a grand reopening when the work’s done. A grand reopening is an excellent promotional opportunity, enabling you to draw interest from potential clients and community members. Give away free snacks and offer discount coupons on social media. You can also host special events throughout the day to attract customers to your shop.

Provide complimentary beverages.

Instead of serving unpleasant tap water, invest in water cooler delivery services to ensure you have fresh, cold water for your clients. You can also provide tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for your clients, ensuring they can enjoy a warm beverage during the winter months. Many unisex salons don’t offer beverages, and they’re a great way to set your barbershop apart from the competition.

Partner with artists and other businesses.

Supplement your services with other income streams that serve client needs. You could partner with a local bakery and sell their donuts, brownies, or fritters to your clients. You can also partner with local artists, allowing them to sell goods in your shop. Partnering with local artists can be a great way to add visual interest to your shop. You could host local musicians at your shop and let them perform for customers, potentially attracting new clients. You could even host author book readings and book signings.

There are many ways you can level up your barbershop and ensure it thrives. Redecorating your shop and adding new barber chairs is one way to appeal to clients. You can also increase the number of services you provide, add entertainment for customers, and offer complimentary beverages. You can also partner with artists and local businesses to ensure your shop remains a vital social hub for years to come.

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