How to Pick the Right Customs Clearing Agent?


Every country has established its own sets of rules and regulations for the import and export of consignments. These rules and regulations are complex processes that involve a proper examination, appraisal, and evaluation of the items that are getting brought or sent out of the country. Most businesses export and import these goods to maintain a seamless supply chain and keep their business afloat. However, it is also essential to ensure a complete legal import and export chain to ensure smooth business. Companies must complete their import and export documents and bill of entry to maintain ethical freight shipment of business.

That is where customs clearing agents come into play to solve your problem of clearing your goods for seamless shipment. These agents work on behalf of the business owners to take care of the loose ends during the freight shipments. They also handle the legal document to grant permission from the national customs authority. These professionals act as the leading group between your business and government authorities to save you from taxes and duties whenever needed.

You might be thinking, why do you need a broker to help clearance the import and export of shipments? The main reason behind this is that custom clearing is a too complicated procedure. In most cases, the shipments get stuck anywhere and anytime. For that instance, only a custom broker or clearing agent can help you to deal with tariffs and custom activities offshore. Regardless of the business size, custom clearing agents are indispensable in reducing costs while exploring new markets. Meanwhile, finding the right customs clearing agent is also an essential part of the business. With that said, let’s discuss how to pick the right customs clearing agent for your business.

The foremost part of the process for finding your business a custom clearing agent is the experience. When it comes to dealing with the import and export for your business, experience dramatically matters. Every company expanding its sales to an international level must consider highly experienced custom brokers to deal with the import and export activities. Especially if you are running a business for a specific product lineup, you must consider the customs clearing agent specializing within that particular niche. The main reason behind this is the niche-specific industry experience, which gives them relevant exposure and policy knowledge from the authorities.

Remember that not all brokers are the best fit for your freight shipment requirements. So, it is imperative to do the research and find one with the experience in your lineup. If you’re operating a business from Australia, you need to research the tariffs concessions and import declaration all by yourself. However, considering a customs agent in Australia will save you the hassle of logistics solutions. They will help you clear the documents for DAFF clearance, paying duty, and tax goods and services. This way, you can save a considerable portion of time and money and quickly expand your business to new heights.

  • Choosing Dedicated Custom Broker

Since most businesses use freight forwarder companies to get their products from point A to B, they mostly use the dedicated custom broker. However, it is essential to note that things can become a little trickier where freight forwarder companies can no longer help. Freight moving companies do not have enough resources to solve these problems for you. Moreover, not all freight forwarders provide these services to customs clearing agents. Be mindful of what you need to clear the items and make them compliant with the regulations.

International trade policies are becoming more strict day by day. As 2021 unfolds, registration and electronic entry of the consignments of goods remains crucial. The latest pandemic has distorted financial projections, impacting businesses all over the globe. As the offshore trades came to a halt, many companies got left on the brink of collapse. However, government authorities have now established new regulations to help the business to kick off trades again. To maintain compliance, companies need to employ a custom clearing agent to provide dedicated services for clearance.

  • Find Validated Custom Clearing Agent

Apart from avoiding the freight forwarding brokers, you will need to narrow down your research to validated professionals. Only find the customs broker that gets approved for the customs declaration system. This system is a formal document that states that the list of goods that are imported or exported. Additionally, the form will verify the payment for custom duty taxes for each good and product.

To find the approved and experienced custom clearing agent, you must look for the ones licensed with the declaration bureau. These professionals are aware of the latest trade data and regulations, thus can quickly transfer your freight goods. The authorities’ licensure and approval give these custom clearing agents more power to remission duties and dispute settlements. You will never expect until things become complicated for your product offshore.

However, these professionals will make the process easier for you by linking your company with enterprise resource planning technology. Using this technology, not only can you check the status of your delivery of items in real-time. But you can also swiftly send the required document and invoices any time anywhere.

  • Whether Will They Handle Your Item Volume?

Finding the best customs clearing agent will take much time. So, it is essential to incorporate all elements before making the final call. Another thing that every business owner must consider before hiring a custom clearing agent is their volume capacity. If you have a copious lineup of products ready for shipping, you will need to ask before putting them to work.

Ask them about the capacity that you will need to import or export. Moreover, asking for the quote and time for your volume will also give you the idea of whether you are choosing the right customs broker or not. With the advance export declaration working in freight forwarding, technology plays a vital role in customs clearance. Suppose your agent is not leveraging the right technology for clearance aspects of the business. In that case, you are making a big mistake.

  • Finding Customs Agent That Is Aware Of The Policies

To have a seamless and easy customs clearance process, your customs agent must be aware of the policies and recent changes. As discussed earlier, that has been an alteration in the freight forwarding policies in the current year. Moreover, the sudden change has taught us that it can happen anytime. Only the competent and reliable agent stays updated with these policy changes to assist the freight trade operations businesses.

Final Words

In short, your research must revolve around the customs clearing agent’s experience, license, budget, and resources available. You may encounter numerous thin-resourced agents that will only waste your time and money. So, it is highly advisable to choose the broker that employs the right technology for the safe and cost-effective clearance of your shipment.

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