5 Reasons to Use Self Storage You May Not Have Considered


With there being up to 60,000 self-storage units in the US, it’s becoming a popular option for people to store their belongings — but many still aren’t aware of what it is, or what it can do.

A self storage unit is a place that can be accessed by you, any time, to hold some of your belongings outside of your home.

There are many ways this can be used and many situations where it can be handy.

Still not convinced that you need one? Read on to find out the reasons people use self storage and see if any apply to you or get you thinking…

  1. Handy Stop Gap for Moving House

Why use self storage? One of the main reasons is moving house.

There might be a period of time when you’re out of the old house but not yet in the new one and need to store belongings while you rent in the short-term or stay with a family member or friend.

These places can hold all of your belongings so you don’t have to drag them from place to place, or infringe too much on someone else’s space.

  1. Making Room for a New Member of the Family

Self storage services can come in handy if you’re welcoming in a new member of the family.

Sometimes you need to clear out the spare bedroom or office to make it into a baby’s room.

Congratulations! It’s a wonderful thing, but will likely mean you need to move some furniture and make space. This is where a self storage facility will come in handy.

  1. Might Need to Store Equipment Safely

If you have equipment such as power tools or other things you might not want children or other people getting their hands on — and don’t have anywhere safe to put them — a self storage unit might be exactly what you need.

In a self storage unit, there are no concerns about kids getting their hands on things they shouldn’t be.

  1. Business Use

If you’re self-employed, run your own business, or just have a lot of work equipment, self storage services will come in handy. You can use them to store all of your work stuff!

You can even write these off as a business expense on your taxes, if used solely for that.

  1. Simply Running Out of Space

The most simple reason that people use self storage units is that they just don’t have enough space.

You can store whatever you want in one of these units and come and get it any time, making it a really handy and easy way of expanding the space you have to keep all of your things.

Consider Self Storage if You Haven’t Before

Self storage is a really handy thing that many people don’t think of when moving house, making room for a new member of the family, or just trying to make more space. It should be though — it has a lot of benefits.

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