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Your Essential Guide to LED Lighting for Your Event Set or Stage

Of all the elements which make up a great event, lighting remains one of the most essential. With the proper lighting, your event can shine– and draw the attention of the audience like moths to a flame. Whether you aim to put the spotlight on a presenter or a performer on stage, illuminate a specific architectural feature in your venue, or programme a sequence for special effects, lighting can definitely make a substantial difference. But amongst all the lighting equipment you can make use of, LED lighting proves to be one of the best, especially for stage and set lighting. Here, then is your essential guide to LED lighting for your event set or stage – and why it’s one of the most pivotal lighting choices you could make.

The difference

LED, or light emitting diode technology, has proven its merit in regard to live performances as well as recorded performances. LED lighting fixtures feature an array of advantages compared to old-school lighting fixtures, and this has made it an attractive and popular choice for different kinds of events, especially live performances and concerts. LED technology is also constantly changing, and manufacturers are coming up with a broader range of sophisticated and sleek LED lighting which are suitable not only for television and theatre but also different kinds of events.

The benefits of LED lighting for your event

  • Efficiency in power consumption

Since LED lights consume a lot less power compared to other lights, you can make use of more LED lighting fixtures and still consume less power. With this low energy and power consumption, LED lights are great for band lighting and music parties as well as DJ performance lighting. If you think about it, a mere two decades ago, lighting professionals and designers were still working with PAR cans – so LED lighting is better utilised for bigger shows and events as well.

  • Lower heat

Of course, LED lighting for sets and stages will still generate heat – but the fixtures are more capable of producing ample light for an event without becoming too hot, especially when compared to their counterparts such as tungsten. In certain event environments, the lower heat generated by LED lighting is undoubtedly more desirable, as confirmed by the best event production companies such as Presentation Service Providers Ltd.

  • Great effects

One feature which makes LED lights stand out is their colour effects. Most LEDs used for stage lighting are a combination of LEDs in different colours, but if you have a single fixture that has the three primary colours (red, blue, and green), you can easily blend the LEDs to come up with different colour combinations. The lighting designer has convenient access to different colour choices with only a single fixture. With this kind of functionality in colours, lighting designers no longer have to create colour with the use of gel filters.

  • Portable and lightweight

The hardware that comprises LED lighting fixtures is not heavy, and even if you add on different elements and different power supplies, the units are still lightweight. What’s more, LED lights are very portable, powered via battery, and there are products which feature wireless control with WiFi as well, allowing for fewer wires and less fuss.

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