Why You Need a Quality Heat Pump for Your Pool

Commercial swimming pools will require a large heat pump that is readily serviceable by professionals. When you choose your pump you should also look for quality of service in maintaining the swimming pool heaters. After all, if your heat breaks down and does not produce heat that is bad for business, with customers demanding their money back. Here are some reasons you’ll need a high-quality heat pump for your pool.


  • Whether your pool is outdoors or indoors, you’ll want the water in your pool heated to a certain temperature to keep the kids active. If the water is too cold it can be difficult to teach some of the younger children basic swimming skills. The water may be refreshing in the summer months, but during winter months will be far too cold to swim in without a heater. By installing a heat pump, you can keep your pool open for longer throughout the year.


  • Whether people are travelling for business or pleasure, most hotel guests prefer a swimming pool included. Having a pool will give your hotel the edge over competitors, and you’ll want to keep the water to a comfortable temperature, particularly as many guests choose to swim in the evenings when the sun has already set. Even in warmer climates, a heated swimming pool is a definite selling point for a hotel, motel, or guesthouse.

Sports Clubs and Gyms

  • More and more people are looking at swimming pools being included in the price of their local gym. But it needn’t stop at that, as club members will much prefer a heated pool over a non-heated one. This is because workout routines demand that muscles are kept warm, and not cooled suddenly. It makes sense to keep your sports club or gym swimming pool heated, as this will ensure year-round use, rather than just in the summer months, and you can attract more customers.

Keeping the Pump Maintained

A commercial heat pump will be used daily, and so with this level of usage you’ll need to ensure that it also receives the correct post-installation care. When purchasing a water heater from a dealer, you should also ensure that supplier can provide a maintenance package to ensure your pump keeps operating each day. You should also ask if they can provide an emergency fix in case your pump breaks down unexpectedly, because if it doesn’t work it will lose you business.

The Right Pump for Your Pool

Whether you have a swimming pool at a school or other educational establishment, at a hotel or motel, or at a sports club or gym, you’ll want to install a heat pump to ensure the temperature is comfortable for your clients. When you have the pump installed, also make sure that the supplier can provide routine check-ups, and a number to call in case of emergency. At all odds, you’ll want your pump to be producing heated water for your customers.

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