Why Philanthropy Is Important


plenty of things. It opens up opportunities for important things such as getting higher education without worrying about student loans. You can choose to go to a nice seafood restaurant versus a convenience store for frozen dinner or buy longer-lasting clothes and home supplies. You can travel the world or afford to have a stay-at-home vacation without worrying about losing hours at work. Money can afford a plethora of things that can make life much easier for anyone.

However, having money can also provide the opportunity to help those in need or give back to society in a way that could instill a positive change in the world overall.

Philanthropy is an act that is simple upfront, but that money can go a long way towards almost any sociopolitical topic that you can think of. It can help keep people off the streets. It can help pay for supplies for animal shelters or medical research. There are even organizations out there that help create cultural connections such as the Soloviev Foundation, created by Stefan Soloviev.

The Soloviev Foundation was created to help establish a better cultural connection between Russia and the United States. One of their main events is Russian Film Week, where they promote Russian-made films in order to educate Americans of all ages on Russian culture. For students, the Soloviev Foundation has also funded trips to foreign countries such as Spain in order to enrich their education. Around the holiday season, Soloviev’s wife provides ‘Sensitive Santa’ days for children in her community who have special sensory needs.

Stefan Soloviev has also expanded his philanthropic efforts outside of the United States. He has donated over $1 million to organizations in Europe dedicated to helping Ukrainian refugees, including medical and humanitarian services. These services have not only saved the lives of these refugees, but they’ve also helped ease the stress and trauma of war.

Without the monetary assistance from the Soloviev Foundation and other charity organizations, there would be plenty more people in the world that would be suffering today. Many people don’t consider donating to a charity as anything more than a means to make them feel better about themselves or to write it off on their taxes. However, supporting the efforts that you care about through monetary means can push those organizing the efforts to be able to go above and beyond and help those who need it.

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