Why Do You Need Double Glazed Doors?


Your home has a door to give you privacy, keep you safe, and protect you from adverse weather. A door allows people to enter your home, and it also creates a statement. Doors are made of many types of materials, like wood, steel, aluminium, and glass. Today, most people prefer a double glazed door because it helps in noise reduction and keeps your home soundproof. These doors have two glass panes with a space between them that can be filled with inert gas or vacuum. The frames can be of timber, aluminium, steel, or uPVC, and you can customise the doors to fit your needs.

Double glazing

The most common material used in double glazing is uPVC. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and the added advantage is it doesn’t rust or rot. The doors, along with their frames, are strong, making your home secure and providing enhanced protection. It insulates your home, keeps it warm, and helps to reduce electricity consumption. Since they are less expensive and have a long life, they remain the first choice for all people.

Types of uPVC doors

The different uPVC doors are:

  • Bifold doors
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Casement doors

Benefits of double glazing

Effective insulation

UPVC doors minimise heat loss and keep your home warm. With its high energy-efficiency, it helps you with your electricity bills. The heat produced by the heating system stays inside, and it reduces the need for further heating to maintain the warmth.

Low maintenance

Compared to other materials, uPVC requires very low maintenance. It doesn’t need any varnishing or repainting. The only maintenance it needs is wiping it clean with soapy water to remove dirt and grime, and it lasts for decades without weathering.

Impressive durability

The uPVC is a very tough material, and it can cope with the most severe weather. It doesn’t cause any problems like rotting and corrosion. It is very apt for houses near the seaside where the salt content in the air is high.

Increased security

The door may be light, but the double glazing makes it tough and very safe. It is difficult for intruders to break this door, and you can also have various locking combinations. They help to deal with any foreseeable condition in which you may need security.

Unbeatable soundproofing

The uPVC material reduces the amount of noise that can pass into your house. It reduces the external noise by 50% compared to its counterparts. This is beneficial for people who live close to motorways, airports, or in a noisy community.

Highly Customisable

The colour and shape of the uPVC doors are customisable. Whatever colour door you want to use to complement the other colours in your home, you can customise it. It is also possible to have a double glazed door in any shape you want, as per your preference. The ambience an uPVC door creates is priceless.

Reduced condensation

Double glazing reduces condensation because the air in between the two glass panes keeps the glass on the inner side at room temperature. Reduced condensation eliminates dampness within your home and keeps it dry.

Deforestation has led to the shrinking of forests, and wood has become a rare commodity. Double glazed doors are becoming more popular as people want to explore new dimensions with regard to decorating their homes. Greet your guests in style with the bright and glossy uPVC doors.

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