Why Change Is Good For You!


Most of us are afraid of change. We tend to love familiarity and make our comfort zones. We don’t like disruptions and ignore the calling for evolution even though we know that we cannot resist the change. There is no doubt in the fact that change is difficult but we cannot deny that change is the ultimate cause of growth and progress. This is why we have to adapt to change and we should be open to it. Resisting it will only make us waste our energies because in the end, whether we like it or not, it is going to occur.

One of the greatest benefits of being open to change is that it encourages you to learn new ideas and accept them. Learning is essential for a person’s intellectual growth. You do not stress on sticking to your old beliefs that might be wrong or harmful to you. This point is explained well by Moosa Banajah, who is an inspiration for many people.

Moosa Banajah, a certified training consultant from the Middle East, emphasized the openness to change in one of his articles and presented it with an effective example. He wrote that if a person starts to live in a desert and refuses to interact with people, he is doing a great harm to himself. Now if this kind of a person will meet a chemist and see him doing a chemical reaction where the chemicals change their color, he would refuse to believe it and think that it is some kind of magic and witchcraft.

As I mentioned above, change has the power to push you out of your comfort zone. This is also a very valuable characteristic that changes gift us. It forces us to experience new things and get exposed to new environments. It presents us with new opportunities and makes us realize what we can achieve. It surely makes us go through so much but it then presents us with unique rewards too. It allows us to improve and make us flexible to change. We learn new ways to survive and excel through change. So instead of being spiteful to change, we should be grateful to it.

Moreover, change is a factor that eliminates the monotony of routine. It keeps things exciting and adventurous. Have you ever wished for holidays so bad and then as soon as they arrive, you started missing work or school? This is because monotony is boring. The effects of change keep us interested and allow us to keep going. If there would be no change in our lives, it will become so boring that we would wish to have changed even if it means that we will have to face difficulties.

The concepts that we consciously or unconsciously develop in our heads, impact us in visible and invisible ways. Hating change openly or secretly, will hinder our growth and make us resist the nature, which can result in breaking us and making it difficult for us to survive. This is why we all should accept the change and keep growing!

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