What Support Is Available For Apple Mac Business Users?


In any company, one thing is clear, technology can make all the difference between becoming a market leader and being a non-starter. Staying at the cutting edge of your respective industry is a challenge that every business, and the individuals within, must face, and using technology has been proven to enhance productivity, refine operational processes, save time and even cut costs – four brilliant advantages that make technology use a no-brainer for businesses based online or off.

The question that many business owners ask when selecting the technology that is right for their company, as well as their needs, budget and ambitions is – which is best, Mac or PC? Here the IT support and outsourcing specialists at Syntax answer that all important question, in addition to revealing what support services Apple Mac business users can harness.

Apple Mac or PC?

The PC offers a reliable and familiar tech option for many business owners. However with the number of options and devices available to choice from increasing every day, and more and more new products being introduced to the market, you may what to broaden your search to reveal a wider range of benefits.

Macs tend to be much more expensive, which can be a problem for businesses with tight budgets. Generally the MacBook Pro, Apple’s most popular and powerful laptop device, retails for between £1,000 and £1,600, which is a huge leap compared to a PC with a similar specification, which can cost up to £900. Macs however, whether you choose to opt for an iPad, notebook, laptop or desktop, are built for reliability and the build quality of even older Macs rivals many PCs that are being released today.

Whilst PCs offer a familiarity that many users don’t have with the Apple Mac, the user experience harnessed once you have got used to all the short keys and other features of the Mac is second to none. Macs are generally easier to use with the resulting user experience being much more productive and positive. From a security point of view, security issues are more common on Windows PCs, however the fact that there are more PCs out there tends to make hackers favour the development of viruses and malware for added impact. It is thought that as the popularity of Mac devices grows, more security issues will become apparent.

Support Available for Mac business Users

If you have chosen to opt for Mac devices to strength your organisation’s use of technology, then knowing who to turn to for support is vital. Whether you are looking for ongoing technical assistance or IT resources on demand, enlisting Apple Mac business support services is the key to ensuring a high quality and first class experience that works with your organisation, not against it.

There are a variety of services available via an Apple Mac business support provider, including Mac OS X server help, application support, MAC OS and Microsoft Windows integration, server administration, monitoring and maintenance, iPhone and iPad security support, and data storage management. Getting the support you need to aid business continuity, particularly when disaster strikes, is also vital to the success of technology within your organisation.

Why Enlist Outside Support?

Outsourcing your IT support, especially the support needed to improve Apple Mac use for business, has become the way to ensure you get the help you need in a cost efficient manner. As well as delivering a rapid response service under ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems and ITIL best practice procedures, third party providers offer a single point of contact for all IT queries so your business can get on with what it does best.

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