What Supplies Do I Need for My New Nail Salon?


Opening a new nail salon is exciting! You’re going to need a lot of time and patience for this as there are plenty of things to do on your checklist. This includes sharpening your nail techniques, photographing any new nail designs you work on, and gathering the necessary tools for your new workspace.

Here is a list of supplies you’ll need for your new nail salon.

Nail Designs Photo Book

Much like the books we find at hair salons so clients can get inspiration for their haircuts, nail salons use their own versions of these books. For your new salon, you may want to purchase a couple of these or simply create one from Shutterfly. They sell the best photo books on the market. Their custom photo books have high print quality and are fully customizable, from their sizes to their content.

At Shutterfly, their photo book services include customization options like printing, templates, layout options, captions, and clip art. Additionally, you can choose between softcover and hardcover photo books, depending on your business needs. Order your Shutterfly photo book before opening day!

Nail Desk

Your new workspace is where you’ll spend most of the time with your clients, so it’s important it’s comfortable and the perfect fit for your office space. They are sold to remain in place or portable in case you feel like changing your layout or redecorating. Additionally, you can purchase a nail desk that has drawers or hooks to keep your tools handy and safely stored.

Table Lamp

Your workstation needs to be fully prepared before taking your first customer. This means you need to have good lighting to be able to see the details in your nail designs. For this, you’ll need a good desk lamp. This desk lamp can have a movable neck and even a magnifier glass to make your life easier. It will also greatly help you when working on cuticles, for example.

Nail Files and Buffers

To give your clients the best nail service, you’ll need to purchase nail files and buffers in bulk as these are not reusable in most cases. While nail files will help give your clients their preferred nail shape, a buffer will make the nails look smooth and polished. These two tools are essential in nail salons, so be sure to always keep them in stock.

Manicure Set

When we think of nail salons, most people will almost immediately think of manicures. So if you’re planning to open a nail salon, be sure you have the right tools to successfully give your clients the best manicure they can get. These tools are sold together and include nail clippers, cuticle nippers and shearers, ingrown nail files, and nail trimmers. Be the ultimate nail salon guru with a full high-quality manicure set of tools.

Nail Drills and Bits

Nail drills and bits are another essential for your nail salon. They will help do the work of three nail artists in one. Nail drills help grind, carve, cut, polish, and remove gel polish and cuticles. With drills, you can do 30-minutes worth of work in a fraction of the time.

Nail Polishes

Nail polishes can make or break a nail salon. If you have cheap nail polishes that can easily be removed or chipped, your clients might look elsewhere for their nail needs. It’s important you research the best nail polish brands and test them out first to guarantee you get the best ones. Additionally, you can offer your clients custom nail designs like stick-on nails and gels.

Now that you’ve gone through the whole list, be sure to properly research the brands you need and start stocking up on supplies for your inauguration day.

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