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What is a Tracked Spider Lift

Don’t you wish there was an easier way of reaching high areas during construction? Scaffolding can be expensive and time-consuming to install, and while cherry pickers can be useful, there will be times when they simply can’t fit into the spaces where you need them. What you need is a smart, compact solution that is ready to use straight away. In short, you need a tracked spider lift!

So, what exactly is this machine? It’s effectively a cherry picker trimmed down to size- when folded up in transit, some models are shorter than a Mini Cooper, and they are narrow enough to fit through standard doorways. Operated via a remote control, all you have to do is steer the spider lift to where you need it. That means you can use them inside, it places where your only other option would be to fit scaffolding. It brings all the advantages of your standard cherry picker indoors, and you don’t need to worry about it damaging floors, either. Since it moves on tracks, the weight of the lift is distributed over a much larger space than wheels, to reduce the pressure it puts on floors or soft terrain. In addition, the tracks give the spider lift that essential extra traction in slippery conditions, so it’s always stable and secure.

At this point, you might be wondering what makes this a spider lift. Well, while the lift can fit into narrow spaces, it has a hidden special ability. Each lift comes fitted with multiple spider leg-shaped stabilizers. These open out and fit to the floor, to provide a large, stable setup base. Even when the lift is extended to its full height, the stabilizers ensure that it’s always 100% secure. What’s more, since they spread out across a wide area, the stabilizers spread the total weight of the lift across a wide area. Just like the treads, this means you can use the extended spider lift pretty much anywhere, without damaging the ground surface!

As for the boom of the spider lift, there are plenty of options to choose from. These range from fully articulated booms to telescopic sections that provide you with some essential extra reach. As the lift remains securely fixed to the ground, you can stand on the boom and work away to your heart’s content, knowing that you’re completely safe at all times. There are also plenty of different options to choose from, allowing you to pick a tracked spider lift that’s sure to fit your needs to a tee.

The only downside to tracked spider lifts is that, like all large-scale lifting equipment, they can be pretty expensive to buy outright. Luckily, though, you don’t need to shell out all that money for something you’re only going to use on a job-by-job basis. Instead, you can easily rent one from specialist providers like Higher Access. As a dedicated spider lift provider, they have the range and expertise needed to ensure you always get exactly what you need to complete the job at hand. With lifts ranging from 11-42 metres, there’s an option for everyone. Best of all, renting a lift means you can switch things up when you need to, and aren’t limited to a single lift. So, if you need to reach high places with a maneuverable, compact solution, you know what to do- use tracked spider lift hire today!

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