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What is a SharePoint Blog and How it can Benefit you

SharePoint is a collaborative web-based business platform that is specifically designed to integrate with Microsoft Office’s suite of tools. Most businesses primarily utilize SharePoint to simplify the storage of documents and to manage day-to-day company activities. Additionally, overall content management is streamlined through the use of SharePoint. However, a SharePoint blog is a functionality that many users and businesses have found to be an incredibly beneficial tool.

A SharePoint corporate blog traditionally contains things like corporate news or highly specific content that is designed to appeal to a specific group of employees within a company. Yet, many SharePoint users have found an incredible wealth of corporate collaboration capabilities that have empowered them to get the most out of the blog functionality.

Basic Benefits of Utilizing SharePoint’s Blog

Some of the general high-level SharePoint blog benefits include a wide arrange of basic capabilities that include 4 core advantages.

First, SharePoint allows for real-time content editing. Any user with access to the blog can publish content, videos and graphics through a simple content editor that is extremely easy to use. All content can be shared and viewed in a real-time format, giving users immediate access to content.

Second, any piece of content published is automatically tagged with the date it was published. This is helpful for companies and employees that need to access content that was posted on a specific date.

Third, all content can be tagged to fall under a specific category. This allows users to search for content that falls under a specific category.

Finally, many people find that one of the most appealing SharePoint blog for business benefits is the ability to rate the quality of any piece of content. This can help people who share content to determine how beneficial other employees found that piece of content.

Real-Life Examples of Benefits from SharePoint Blog for Business

1. Project Management

Employees on various teams can utilize a blog to manage complex projects and house a wide variety of documents in one centralized location.

2. Research Capabilities

Employees that are involved in research projects can share findings and results in a real-time capacity.

3. Knowledge Management

Employees can add specific pieces of their personal knowledge in order to allow others to find answers to questions they may have simply by searching the blog.

4. Collaboration Externally

The ability to allow external people to collaborate on a blog is a great way to share information and project updates with valuable customers or partners outside the company.

5. Departmental Blog Capabilities

SharePoint blog for businesses includes the ability to segment blog content by department.

These are just a few of the high-level ways SharePoint blog benefits. Companies who have utilized SharePoint’s blogging capabilities have come to swear by the software. It greatly increases communication and cuts down on time waste by housing content and information in a centralized location that can be accessed at any point. SharePoint for businesses is a great tool to streamline a wide variety of business activities!

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