Financing Your Business

What Are The Different Types Of Business Finance Solutions

Business finance solutions are one of the main aspects which you as a businessman should always consider. A small business always needs financing. You must always look into the various business finance solutions. This can help you to conveniently carry out the money flow into your new business.

Given below are some types of business finance solutions which you should go through. It can help you get the money for running your business and to repay.

Debts for a long-term

Long-term debts are one of the prominent solutions which you can have. It is convenient because it can be easily paid back in the form of interest which takes the shape of the monthly installments. There are various sources from where you can get the long-term debts. They are private lenders, loan programs by various banks, small business companies and leading commercial banks.

Venture capital

You can easily get a venture capital as a solution for business finance. In turn of the equity of the business, the venture capital can give you the capital to run your business. You can get a venture capital more easily in terms of the new business because it mainly concentrates upon the future prospect. The banks, however, look at the performance of the past.

Financing on the assets

Assets can earn you easy capitals. While starting a new business you can put a mortgage on the assets that you possess. You should, however, concentrate upon the contract you are going into. This type of a business finance solution is favoured by more number of lenders so it is more accessible. You can be more accessible to the capitals as the lenders will liquidate your capital of the receivables offered by you. Moreover, the lenders are not responsible for any physical damage of the received item so they easily provide you with the capital on the received item.

Factoring is another type of lending upon the assets where the lender purchases the account of your company. Repayments are deducted in the non-recourse basis.


SCOR is broadly known as Small Company Offering Registration. In this business finance solution, the stock is sold out to the common public by the company. However, there are many laws regarding the SCOR which makes it a least credible solution for business financing. If the company maintains the laws it can avoid the difficulties that relate to the public offerings done at the initial phase.

So, these are some solutions to business financing which you need to know.

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