The tile business is an excellent pursuit to be involved in as they are extensively used and demanded in the construction industry. They are used in various forms like floor tiles, countertops, wall tiles, and many other ways. The demand for tiles keeps rising as tiles add beauty and value to any home or building. Home improvement projects like redoing your floor can have the most remarkable effect. There are various companies in Australia, such as Wilhand, Italia Ceramics, and Johnson Tiles, that give you a greater rate of return for your investment. Whether you are considering a new subway tile backsplash in your kitchen or warm shades of urban grey tiles to your bathroom, the beauty of tile is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

There are five main types of tiles:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are used for many different purposes and represent a versatile and popular choice of tile used for home improvement projects. The global market size for ceramic tiles in 2019 was estimated at USD 346.5 billion and was expected to see a revenue-based CAGR of 6.7% from 2020-2027. Tiles are affordable, durable and add elegance and timeless style to your walls and flooring.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is made of a higher ratio of silica and quartz and is more durable and a more exemplary example of ceramic tile. Glazed, texturised, and etched porcelain tiles can resemble industrial bricks, hardwood planks, and expensive marble. A variety of patterns and colours make porcelain tiles a chameleon of sorts.

Glass Tile

Compared to the other tiles, Glass tiles possess the highest level of stain resistance, even to acidic lemon juice or red wine, and are a glamorous choice for shower tile or backsplash.

Marble Tile

Marble Tile is a bold and elegant choice and is considered one of the most expensive natural stone tile materials. It exudes a level of panache and elegance that is hard to replicate with other materials and is created with immense heat and pressure. Not many tiles can elevate  space as dramatically as marble. Marble, deeply veined with natural mineral lines, delivers incredible contrast and depth and is available in multitudes of colours displaying a dazzling array of colour veining.

Granite Tile

Granite is another natural rock tile used for flooring as well as countertops.  Granite is significantly harder than marble and less prone to chips and cracks. Engrained with naturally appearing specks and flecks of colour, granite is typically found in large format slabs and is also a fantastic choice for wet areas as it does not absorb moisture or stains.

Benefits of tile flooring


Tiles have a wide range of colours, materials, and textures and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices; and can protect the drywall from splashes and spills while keeping your overall design in check.

Easy Cleaning

Tiles are easy to maintain, and cleaning simply requires vacuuming the dirt or mopping the floors. Tile floors are easy to sanitise without ruining them.

Simple to Maintain

Maintaining tiles requires minimal effort and can be easy to repair. Whether you find a warped backsplash tile or a cracked tile, all that is needed is a replacement that takes just a few minutes. Homebuilders will sometimes keep extra tiles in the attic for these emergencies.


Tiles are not only durable but can withstand most daily wear without breaking down. You don’t need to spend money on expensive hardwood or other materials when you can use tiles with a wood-like design.

The Bottom Line

 Those were the five types of tiles and their benefits. Tile companies like Wilhand can quickly remodel the layouts and look of your home. Whether you add a stylish ceramic backsplash or granite flooring, having this knowledge about tiles will give you ideas for creating your own interior designs.

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