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Nowadays, mobile applications are essential for the successful development of almost any business. TRIARE makes custom-made iOS / Android applications for both existing businesses and startups. We carry out a full cycle of turnkey development: from idea, design, technical assignment to publication in the App Store / Google Play.

Benefits of our applications

  1. User-friendly design. We design the application so that the client immediately understands how to use it. Working with our products is simple and pleasant: they are intuitive and presentable.
  2. Designing scenarios Based on analytics, we design scenarios for user behavior.
  3. Attention to detail. We develop technical specifications based on analytics, business processes and requests from your users. We prepare documentation for the application and write clean, easy-to-read code with detailed comments.
  4. Progress reporting. You will receive regular updates on how your project is progressing. At any time you can contact us and clarify what you are interested in doing. We are always in touch!
  5. Testing and support. At every stage of development, we conduct application tests, so we guarantee their stable operation. We also provide technical support and are ready to work on the further development of the project.
  6. Fixed prices and terms. The price set for development at the conclusion of the contract will not be changed. We work on the principle of a fixed deadline: the application always comes out on time.

Areas and stages of our development

We can implement any custom-made mobile application:

  1. online stores (any online stores, marketplaces or an application for an existing store);
  2. systems that allow customers to publish an order and find a contractor;
  3. loyalty systems – applications for registering customers, receiving loyalty cards, accumulating bonuses, presenting QR / bar codes at the checkout, sending personal offers;
  4. messengers and social networks – applications for communication within communities or corporate applications of the company;
  5. catalogs, lists and search for companies, places, events;
  6. posters with contacts, classification and binding to maps by GPS;
  7. applications for training users with tests and access to materials, articles, videos, etc .;
  8. control of employees;
  9. applications for setting tasks for employees and tracking the progress of work with photo reports and binding to GPS;
  10. implementation of any startups, from idea to launch in the App Store / Google Play and further development.

TRIARE provides its customers with the ability to track all stages of mobile application development.

  1. Pre-project analytics. At this stage, we determine the need and experience of users, analyze the successful experience.
  2. Designing scenarios. Based on analytics, our specialists design scenarios of user behavior.
  3. Prototyping. For clarity, we create a schematic version that reflects all the necessary functionality.
  4. Description of technical requirements. Based on the prototype, we write technical requirements for the development.
  5. Development. The development process itself, which includes: design, development for iOS and Android, Back-end, testing.
  6. Promotion launch. Preparation and launch of all the necessary advertising channels, landing page, information materials.
  7. Support. We support the developed application at all stages of its implementation and operation.

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