Top SEO trends for 2020 that you need to know!

For all those who are new to the digital world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever-changing process of enhancing the quality and quantity of web traffic by increasing the visibility of a website/ web page to the users of a specific search engine. Since the online marketing bar is reaching new heights and new websites are being launched each day, it’s time you build an effective campaign and revise your content marketing whilst investing in SEO. Websites are required to meet certain requirements set by search engines like Google, Bing, etc.
Up your SEO game by updating your website and have more and more prospects find you in their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Dive in to learn more about the latest trends in SEO!

  • Featured snippets:In order to create a better search experience for the user, Google has evolved through featured snippets.
    For example,
    To use this feature and drive more clicks to your website, you need to provide clear answers to commonly raised questions on your website. This is then evaluated and boosted to the top of the search results depending on the quality, which Google determines using its algorithms. More than 50% of clicks from Google originate from these featured snippets, so make sure you don’t take this feature lightly.
    These featured snippets work best for content creators as they generate a high amount of organic traffic, even if you are not ranking at the top position.
  • Influencer marketing: People often don’t tend to trust intrusive ads and look for information that is trustworthy and genuine. Chances of people trusting a well-known relative influencer/ blogger are much more than trusting any other ad. Hence, digital marketing and media companies are increasingly resorting to influencer marketing due to the potential results that can be achieved.
    Partnering with an influencer/ blogger helps enhance your content reach and drives more traffic to your website. They can help you build quality backlinks and as you would know, backlinks are one of the main factors Google considers while evaluating a web page’s ranking.
    While building an influencer marketing strategy, keep in mind what type of content you want them to create and how you can backlink it to your website.
    Make sure you are partnering with an influencer that is relevant to your industry and product. Also, make sure they have a strong authoritative digital presence.
    By adapting to influencer marketing, along with lead generation and brand awareness, you can also boost your search engine rankings.
  • Optimize your website for voice search:With an increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices, voice search is turning to be a popular trend among online users. Other than the phone, these searches can be done on voice assistants such as VoicePod, Amazon echo, Samsung smart TV, etc. Including conversational searches in your SEO strategy will help you generate more organic traffic if you really know how to optimize your website for voicesearch.
    Stillwondering how voice searches affect SEO?
    Voice searches have a vital effect on SEO since it is mainly about asking questions via voice instead of entering search queries.
    When the user uses words to describe his query, voice search cuts short the ‘not so important’ choppy keywords. By this year, more than 50% of all internet searches will be executed via voice. By adapting to this new trend, your content is sure to stand out in any given search engine.
  • Secure websites: User safety sure doesn’t have much to do with SEO, but it plays a great role in providing a good user experience. If the user feels unsafe using the website, he might just leave the webpage quickly. Most users that see a ‘Not secure’ warning appear, will not proceed further to your page. These bounce rates directly affect the rank of that page in the organic search listings.
    It is vital to authorize the HTTPS protocol for your website. HTTPS provides website users with an encrypted and authenticated secure connection. Google wants its users to experience secure browsing and hence, if you implement HTTPS, you might experience a minor SEO boost.
    Assuring your visitors that their data is protected while they are on your web page is extremely important.
  • Videos: Today, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. YouTube has become the new TV. Millennials and the younger age group prefer receiving information through online videos for educational purposes or even if it is just entertainment.
    A quality video, if dynamic, can attract a large segment of the audience.
    How does it affect SEO?
    To reach more and more people through your video, you need to optimize the video for engine search results. Hence, it is required to use apt keywords in the headline and description of your video; which will in turn guarantee that the video reaches a large audience and more importantly, the right ones!
  • Mobile UX: Mobile-friendly web pages are a growing trend, especially since more people around the world are obtaining smartphones as more and more cell phone towers are being built, with good connectivity. Apart from having a mobile-friendly website, an interface that is easy to read and grab people’s attention; basically keep them engaged and entertained has become the need of the hour!
    Since most of the people use a smartphone for conducting any local search, it is important to have a mobile version of your website to reach the maximum amount of people interested in your product/ services. To keep up with your competitors, all your web pages need to be optimized and up to date. The higher you are in the Google mobile page index, the more influential your page will be.

Digital experience: No matter how powerful or engaging your content is, it won’t matter if your page does not load in a few seconds or has a complex user interface.
Users tend to leave a web page if it doesn’t load quickly. Even a 1-second delay in page load time can result in great loss for your business. Apart from fixing the speed, also make sure you focus on user experience. Navigation needs to be logical and easy to understand. Do not use jargon or any words that seem unfamiliar to your audience.
If they fail to understand your content, they would again come to the search engine results; these high bounce rates shall negatively impact your search rankings.

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SEO is very important today for any brand/ business, irrespective of the industry. SEO does not just imply keywords, it is more of optimizing content for users.

Each year new trends come into existence that change the way information is published on the internet and hence, all users can get their questions answered in a matter of seconds.

In case you are familiar with these trends, then it’s time to double-down on them so you are capable of generating more targeted traffic from Google; but if you still have doubts and need any kind of assistance with the SEO services, feel free tospeak to one of our SEO experts today.

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