Top Environmental-Friendly Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs


A large number of young entrepreneurs understand the importance of maintaining the ecological balance. They are looking for ideas that reduce environmental damage and save natural resources.

Here are five environmental-friendly business ideas for young entrepreneurs:

  1. Organic farming and foods

Organic farming eliminates using chemical-based pesticides, growth hormones, and fertilizers. An increasing number of people are becoming health conscious and opting for organic foods. You can consider organic farming and a food store to meet the growing demand for these products. To meet the initial costs, you can check out the small and medium enterprises SME solutions offered by financial institutions.

  1. Eco-friendly bags

Even recycled plastic bags eventually lead to pollution and eco-friendly bags can reduce the carbon footprint. These bags do not require cutting down trees and materials, such as coconut husk, jute twine, sugarcane waste, and recycled paper are used as base material. More and more people are opting for such bags making it a viable business.

  1. Waste recycling

Recycling can be of plastic and e-waste, which can decrease the harmful effects on the environment. These recycled products are used to manufacture other items that are not only of good quality but are affordably priced.

  1. Construction materials

There is an increase in the usage of recycled construction materials that are not only affordable but also have excellent strength. For example, recycled plastic combined with bitumen is being used to lay roads.

  1. Solar energy retailer

India is ranked as the third largest solar market and you can become an energy consultant. Other options include solar panel installations or manufacturing, parts retailer, manufacturer or a maintenance provider. The investment required is not very high and if you still fall short of funds, you can check SME loan eligibility with several financial institutions that offer credit facilities to this sector.

The youth is more aware of the importance of ecological balance and are gearing towards using environmental-friendly products. This provides a huge scope for an ecologically sustainable business.

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