This Is How to Start a Garbage Pickup Business


Are you an entrepreneur interested in becoming a part of a thriving industry? One that grows more every year, and increases with population size, too?

We’re talking about joining a $51.6 billion market. It’s an essential market, too—one that has benefited from a surge in industrial, commercial, and residential construction and business activity. 

What business are we talking about, you ask? Garbage pickup.

Picking up garbage may not seem like the most glamorous career path, but it’s a noble one, and one that’s guaranteed to last. As with healthcare or grocery stores, a garbage company will always be a necessary component of the economy. We need a place to store our waste, and we need someone to transport it from our home or work to said landfill.

That’s where you, a prospective business owner, come in. Here, we describe how to get started in this business and make a name for yourself in the industry. Keep reading!

First, Acquire Your Fleet

Perhaps the most important part of opening a garbage pickup company is having the means to pick up the garbage. That’s where your vehicles come into play.

Check out various offerings near you. You’ll likely be able to find a slew of options, from new to used and even reconditioned. Depending on your budget, buying used could have several advantages.

Consider the type of truck you choose, from front-loaders to side-loaders, to rear-loaders. You may also look at grapple trucks, container delivery trucks, or roll-off trucks—among others.

If you buy from an industry expert, they’ll have plenty of advice to bestow upon you.

Develop Your Brand

You’ll need to have a name, logo, and internet presence for your business to do well.

Choose a name that’s memorable and concise and a logo that’s noticeable and unique. You’ll also need to focus on marketing—perhaps even outsourcing this work to a professional. Market your services in the paper, online, through social media, and even on TV or in the newspaper.

Branding is just as important in the garbage pickup business as it is for all other niches.

Obtain Permits and Insurance

The permits you need are determined by where you live and vary from county to county or state to state. Speak with the overarching disposal agency near you and understand what you need before operating. For example, you might need a commercial hauling permit.

Similarly, your vehicle may have to undergo inspection. Regardless, you’ll need each vehicle to be licensed and insured. 

Determine Your Prices

How much should you charge for your services?

That depends on several factors: the number of employees you have, the number of vehicles in your fleet, the type and amount of trash you pick up. . . Establish a reasonable price that gets you to your overhead (and beyond), and is affordable for those in your community.

One excellent way to research this is by knowing what your competition charges for their work.

It’s Time to Start Your Garbage Pickup Business!

Some industries require extensive research, budgeting, and planning to develop. But when it comes to garbage pickup, the process is relatively straightforward and simple.

If you follow the tips listed above, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful and viable business plan. As your services gain popularity among your community, you can scale your operations to size, hire more employees, and expand your offerings.

Our site has all the business advice you need. Keep reading our blog for more ideas of what to consider before opening a company of your own.

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