Things to keep in mind before investing in Axis Bluechip

Achieving long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting mainly of equity and equity-related securities, including derivatives. However, it cannot give any assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved.

Each Axis Bluechip Fund has beaten its benchmark and category over the past five years. The fund selects its stocks based on its ability to increase earnings permanently.

It invests 80-100 percent in large-cap companies and 0-20 percent in others. With a 3-year annual return of 11.99 percent and a 5-year return of 17.00 percent, it is 2 percent higher than the returns from the benchmark and 2-3 percent higher than the returns from the category.

Five years ago, this fund has a SIP worth about 5,000, which is approximately 4.61 lakhs. Mr. ShreyashDewalkar is the manager of the fund.

Fund manager:

Mr. Shreyansh is an Engineer from UDCT, Mumbai, who holds a Masters in Management from JBIMS, University of Mumbai. He brings over five years of experience in equity markets as equity market analyst and specializes in information technology, telecommunications services, industrials, and utility sectors. He started his career as an Equity Research Analyst with IDFC Capital in the equity analysis space in 2005. Subsequently, he worked with IDFC Asset Management. His earlier indications include two years of credit analysis experience with JP Morgan Services India and Calyon Bank.

Performance of the Axis bluechip fund

Axis bluechip fund is one of the top-performing funds in the large-cap category. It has beaten its peers and has consistently given good returns over time. It has been ranked number one in the large-cap segment by experts.

If you look at the fund’s latest 6-month SIP, you can see that the fund has given a balanced return at any SIP time point. Thus even when the markets were on a rough patch, the capital did not decline.

Thus it instills a belief in the fund that this fund may perform well when the market is balanced and less volatile.

Things to keep in mind before investing in Axis Bluechip Fundscheme

Let us understand the characteristics of the Axis Bluechip Fund before deciding whether to invest or not.

  • The Axis Bluechip Fund is classified as an Equity Large Cap Fund. Investments mainly in large-cap stocks (about 80 percent).
  • Large-cap funds are less risky compared to midcap and small-cap funds; hence the returns are proportionate.
  • Generally, if you have a tenure of 10 years, it would be suggested to move to a mid-cap / small-cap fund, which would be riskier than a large-cap fund, but the ability to generate comparatively higher long-term returns.
  • You are more specific about your goals before investing in this plan (e.g., you want to create 1Cr as a retirement fund in the coming 20 years). It will help you zero in on the fund that suits your requirements.
  • Consult a financial advisor who can help you better.

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