The Importance of Product Design


All products your brand manufactures should be distinct and different from other similar products manufactured by other brands. The simple process which helps you to do this is the product design. It blends the user’s needs with your business goals to help your brand make products that differ from others. Your brand’s name and logo are important, but to make a tremendous impact through your products, they need to be well designed and packed. Designing a product plays an important part in the brand because we live in a consumer society where we find plenty of products to choose from. All products may offer the same benefits, but the design gives them a unique identity.

Reasons to design a product

There are two main reasons for your design team to design a product. They do it to respond to an existing problem or to create something entirely new. The design process is the same no matter what initiates it. Your team needs to focus more while brainstorming to solve a problem. A good product design must be innovative and useful. The factors to consider in the design process are customer requirements, production capability, raw material availability and the cost.

Elements of product design

A successful product design depends on the understanding of the end-user customer before creating the product. Designing and developing a product from the start to finish is a huge process. The three important elements to be remembered in the design are:

  • Use of the product to the customer
  • The appearance of the product
  • Quality of the product

You need to work on all three elements to create a successful product.

Brainstorming before designing

The first and most important step in designing any product is brainstorming. Teams do brainstorming to generate ideas that solve specific pain points of the customers. Customers buy products to use them and each product should satisfy certain criteria that include functional and aesthetic elements. The design team brainstorms to create products that solve the customer’s pain points, look good and be of high quality.

Function of a product

The heart of a design depends upon the function of the product. Your designing team should understand the expectations of the customers and how the product will meet the expectations of the customers. Throughout the design process, you must refine the product to make it as sleek as possible. Only when it is easy-to-use will more people be drawn towards it.

Aesthetics of a product

An important attraction to your product is its physical appearance. Remember the style and aesthetics while designing the product. There may be other brands manufacturing products which have the same function as your product. Customers will prefer your brand when your product is aesthetically pleasing compared to the other brands.

Cost of a product

Cost also plays a major role while designing a product. Cutting the cost with the sole purpose of making the product less expensive is not a good idea. The product should offer the same results to the customers even when the price is less compared to other brands. You can achieve success only when you improve the value, even after reducing the cost.

Balancing the function, aesthetics, and cost is a challenging task. Product designers handle the function, look, and quality of a product. They identify a market opportunity, define the problem, develop a solution for that problem and validate the solution with the customers.

Product design is very important in creating any product for customers.

Author Bio: Alison Lurie is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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