Tech Tips: Selecting A Small Business CRM That Can Grow With You


All the experts have been talking about CRM solutions lately. CRM systems aren’t just effective for large corporations, there are small business CRM packages that can help you increase your productivity and grow your business as well. While breaking down what customer relationship management is can take several weeks of class time, you can begin to use CRM with just a few hours and see results. The key is to understand what it is, why it is worth it and how to pick the best software for your size business.

What Makes A Small Business CRM System Worth It?

If you are a small business it may not seem like a CRM solution is really needed. After all, you probably know your customers very well and are dealing with a smaller target demographic than a company like Coca-Cola. The issue for small business is that there are probably more companies offering your services and products than Coca Cola has to worry about.

There are maybe seven significant soft drink companies that can challenge them. If you sell, for example, fitness equipment and apparel, there are now hundreds upon thousands of companies vying for your market. CRM lets you increase the effectiveness and productivity of your team while better meeting the needs of your customers because you are putting your relationship to them at the foremost of your priorities; it’s one of the reasons why tech portals say that CRM for small business is a must-have tool that creates loyalty and brand loyalty in the digital age, and that can do more for your marketing dollar impact than a two page ad in Runner’s Weekly.

Why Just Getting The Biggest And Best May Not Be A Good Idea For You

Knowing this, many small companies will pick up one of the comprehensive Cloud CRM packages that may list companies like Coca-Cola as their clients. That is probably one of the best CRM solutions around, but it isn’t going to be right for you. Small business CRM has a different focus on feature requirements, hardware compatibility and integration. While you are going to find everything you need in the global business CRM packages, it is going to be buried under piles of features you do not need, and ease-of-use must become your mantra.

Making Sure Ease Of Use Is Your Priority

Ease-of-use is critical for two reasons. The first one is that it is what will determine if your employees will use the CRM system, and it is also what will determine the impact it will have on your customer relations. The software should be easy enough to use that salespeople take to it quickly and it will speed customer service response while allowing fulfillment to do what they do quickly.

If you are small enough that all those roles are done by one or two people, CRM should more efficiently organize the information. Some solutions also have customer portals built in and that is where how easy it is to use the interface becomes king. Your customer’s shouldn’t have to take a workshop on how to run your CRM in order to see the updates on their orders. Small business CRM lets you identify the features you need and get them in place so they are right out front.

Think Beyond Internal Communication

There is an emphasis, especially with Cloud CRM software, to draw attention to the inter communication dynamic – which is good – but companies tend to only think of this in regard to their communication between employees. What is also does is enhance the communication between your company or brand and the customer or target market. You can easily issue order updates, but you can also integrate your small business CRM into your email accounts and newsletter programs, a popular reason why many blogs list CRM for small business with cloud as one of the key benefits.

Integrate Your Existing Applications

Integration is another key component of CRM solutions. With a click of the button you can integrate plug-ins that let you use some of the most popular social media, ecommerce, tracking and shipping software platforms. This gives you one main point of access with which to control the majority of your operations. Better still, it streamlines the ability of your employees to see where leads are in development, and to interact with customers in an informed and knowledgeable manner. All of that boosts your CRM  ratings sky-high when it comes to public perception of your company.

Expand Accessibility

Add in Cloud CRM and you know have the ability to be completely mobile. This can significantly help in identifying and vetting leads as it places the person on the go in touch with the whole system via their mobile device. With a cloud-based small business CRM, you can take your whole operations with you to every trade show or networking event. It allows for communication between the office and field person that is effective and productive too.

Increase Your Productivity

The bottom line with small business CRM is that it will boost your productivity by increasing your efficiency through better organization. With integration of the existing applications and programs you use the learning curve for using CRM solutions is minimal. CRM places everything you need to know to better manage your customer relationships where you really need it to be. If you want to increase your business, adopt CRM software that can really deliver on what you and your customers need.

Your best bet is to talk to an agent about a small business CRM solution and to then test the software out. Use your team to do the testing and really listen to what they like and don’t like. This is how you will discover the features that need to be in place to make your CRM solution work better for you and your customers too. CRM solutions have come about to meet the needs of the digital age. Whether you are developing your leads on social media, or finding them at a trade expo, CRM can help you make the best of them.

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