Repairs to a Glass Storefront


There are two basic options when it comes to repairing damaged glass. If the glass in your storefront is damaged, you need to have it replaced quickly. Don’t wait, even if it is not a very big crack, for the crack will grow over time. Professional glaziers will be able to repair the window in one of two ways. They might drill a tiny hole in the window glass that will stop the development of the crack. The crack in the glass will travel through the crystals of the glass’s structure. A tiny hole will stop it from spreading. Alternately, they might fill the crack with a transparent gel. This will also prevent the crack from spreading. Finally, the last option is to replace the glass entirely.

Choosing Your Method

You need to talk with professional glaziers about which method is right for you. There are a few things to consider. For one, if your glass has been so damaged that it has lost structural integrity, there will likely be no options for repairing it. If the crack is actually undermining the stability of the glass, then stopping the spread of the crack won’t solve anything. However, if the crack has not spread far, you can usually stop it with a tiny hole or with a transparent sealant. Your other option is glass replacement in Perth.

Replacing Glass

Glass will need to be replaced if the window has become unstable. The glass will also need to be replaced if there is a crack so large that it can’t be repaired. For example, a crack tends to spiderweb over time. It will start small and spread outwards from the epicentre. If you stop the crack when it is still tiny, you can usually fill it in. However, if the crack is allowed to spread, then there will be no way to stop it with a sealant. You’ll have to replace this piece of glass.

The Importance

It’s important to replace the glass as quickly as possible. There are several reasons why you need to do so. For one, you need to make sure the glass is forming a tight seal on your storefront. Your storefront glass is supposed to insulate your store against drafts and heat exchange. If the window is cracked, it will not perform that function effectively. Furthermore, you need to make sure you are not showing vulnerability to criminals.

While much of what is known as the broken windows theory has been discredited, the basic premise is still true. Broken windows and other signs of disrepair do tend to invite more crime into an area. Most criminals are opportunists; if they are walking past your storefront and see that the windows are damaged, they might be more likely to break in.

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