Pawning or selling: What’s more convenient?


Pawnbrokers in Brisbane are hugely popular businesses. Despite the years and the implementing of new stores in the market, pawn stores are still current and prosperous due to multiple reasons.

Still, most people have a common doubt when it comes to these stores. Is it better to pawn or to sell your items? Keep reading if you want to make the best decision.

Although there are only a few pawnbrokers Brisbane, they are not likely to disappear any time soon. These businesses often adapt to market and newer generation, and therefore, technological devices such as ipads and Iphones are quite common in these stores like traditional gold jewellery.

One of the main reasons pawnbrokers Brisbane are still current in the market place is that they cater to all different demographics of people. Also, Pawnbrokers doesn’t influence your credit history in the event of default, and you receive the money straightforward and quickly when pledging an item.

What happens when you pawn an item?

Whenever you put an item for pawn, it will serve as collateral for the money you’ll receive. Still, the process is not complicated as the only requisites are being of legal age, your ID to confirm what you’re saying, and the item you’ll put up for pawn. There are other aspects you should take into account:

  • The money you’ll receive depends on the type of item and the percentage the establishments will offer for it. Items such as gold gold jewellery and watches are usually worth more as they are more desirable, electronic appliances have less value as they devaluate quickly therefore not so desirable.
  • You can’t just pawn any item you can think of, a pawnbroker won’t want a microwave for example.
  • Pawnbrokers in Brisbane will lend you money based on the agreed value of your item and they will charge you interest. The interest rate pawnbrokers charge is calculated monthly, unlike a bank which is calculated annually.
  • If you do not pay the total amount of interest on the due date, the pawnbroker has the right of keeping the item as there is a signed contract which you pledged. You must read the contract thoroughly to find out whether you’ll be able to extend the due time. In the event of a default the pawnbroker will sell your goods to recover his money.
Should I sell or pawn my item?

Selling an item doesn’t require a thorough explanation. Each item has a value and depending on its state. You’ll receive money that will allow you to get out of that economic problem that’s giving you headaches. However, you will never recover that item again if you don’t keep up the interest payments.

Pawnbrokers in Brisbane not only pawn items but also purchase them. Therefore, you can sell your stuff to them and save yourself paying the interest.

However, what’s more convenient? It all comes down to sentimental value. If that item is worth something but has a special place in your heart, maybe pawning is your best choice. However, if it is something you don’t really use anymore, selling it may be the best option.

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