Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Licenses

Whether you are seeking a Construction Licenses in California or a tourism license in South Carolina, professional licensure is essential in many industries. That’s because these licenses protect the public by enforcing standards that restrict practice to qualified individuals who have met specific qualifications in education, work experience, and exams. 

If you are considering a professional license to break into or advance your career, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

What are the most popular professional licenses?

Over the last 60 years, the number of jobs requiring an occupational license, or government approval to practice a profession, has grown from about 1-in-20 to almost 1-in-4, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

In 2018, more than 43 million people in the United States held a professional certification or license, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Some of the most popular occupations and industries that require professional licenses including healthcare, legal, education, community and social services, protective service, personal care and service, and architecture and engineering.

What must you do to obtain a professional license?

Requirements vary from license to license, but typically you will need to demonstrate that you meet standards for that career that are typically set by the state that is issuing the license. Some specific steps may include completing specified training, logging a designated amount of work experience, and taking a licensure exam. Most exams assess knowledge of work processes, codes, policies, standard practices, and more.

What laws govern professional licenses?

Regulated professions in the United States are generally licensed at the state level, and most licensed professions require some formal postsecondary education or training as a prerequisite for entry. The competent authority for recognizing professional qualifications is generally the appropriate state or territorial licensing authority in the jurisdiction where one intends to work.

What is the difference between professional licenses and certification?

These two items are not one and the same, and it is important to know the difference. Licensure generally refers to an official process, administered by a state-level authority, that is required by law for an individual to practice a regulated profession, according to the U.S. International Affairs Office.

Certifications are generally a function administered by a nongovernmental organization, which is intended to further recognize professional competence based on having met the quality standards of the organization. The prevalence and relevance of certification varies by profession.


Diet Tips That Can Make You Lose Weight Fast

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. Some want to fit in their favourite clothing, while others want to look good at the event they want to attend. There are others who want to lose weight for health reasons. Any of these are valid reasons. But choosing to diet is a daunting task. The temptations would always present themselves. In addition, you would find yourself craving more when you start dieting. Dieting takes a lot of courage and a ton of will.

However, there are ways to help you diet, such as diet drops or routines that can help you get back on track and lose weight fast. Here are diet tips you should consider when you want to lose weight.

Cut Carbs and Fast-food

Take-out and deliveries from fast-food stores are the easiest way to get food. It is fast and less of a hassle when you are hungry. Also, greasy food is best partnered with soda.

However, if you want to successfully lose weight fast, you have to cut on carbs and fast food. The food from fast-food stores has many calories in it, even the salad that you think would be healthy because it has greens in it. Cutting out on carbs and fast food is one block cleared from the path of your weight loss journey.

Taking hCG for weight loss

Human chorionic gonadotropin, hCG, is a protein-based hormone seen in early levels of pregnancy but has been a popular diet for years now. People who have taken it claimed it could reduce weight up to 1kg per day. These days, the hCG diet is often taken in diet drops, pellets, or sprays. However, this is not a magic solution. You have to make sure to take it with discretion and other healthy ways of dieting so you would not do more harm than good.

Eating Small Amounts of Food From Time to Time

A huge misconception in dieting is that people often choose not to eat at all, believing that they would lose weight fast. This is a myth because, contrary to the popular notion, not eating at all would only be harmful to your body and lead you to be susceptible to diseases like ulcers and gastrointestinal problems.

Your body still needs nutrients, so you need to eat the required calories per day. If you find yourself craving a specific food, you may take it so long as you do not overeat. It’s important to eat small amounts of food from time to time because it will help your body adjust at the beginning of your weight loss journey.

Choosing the Right Diet

A successful weight loss journey is 70% diet and 30% exercise, which means what you eat greatly affects your weight. So, if you are planning to lose weight fast, consider the right diet, such as a mix of protein of your choice (such as pork or chicken breast) alongside fruits and vegetables. Having the right diet is one among the keys to losing weight fast.


Even though diet greatly affects your weight, you still need to exercise. Diet would lead to nothing when you are living a sedentary life or the life where you sit the majority of the day and do not move at all. You have to move your body through exercising because this would affect your muscles that would help your body when you start losing weight.


There are various ways to have a successful weight loss story, but you need to consider that you are doing this because you care for your body. In addition, it’s important to remember that dieting should not do more harm than good.


Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Cheap Back to Wall Bathtubs

You’re looking to save space in your bathroom and elevate the space with elegant décor. However, you’re confused about how the two concepts would fit together. So, you’re searching for ideas to renovate your bathroom. If this is your case,cheap back to wall bathtubs is the way to go in a limited bathroom space. Besides, you can fashion it in several ways.

In this post, you will find various bathroom renovation ideas using back to wall bathtubs. Meanwhile, your bathroom renovation may be on a limited budget. And still, it surely wouldn’t lack any modern touch if you go by the ideas listed in the article. So, read on!

Italian Tile Backsplash

An Italian-influenced bathroom would have its bathtub into a ceramic tile deck. The little cubical-shaped deck is placed against the wall, and surrounding will be a single row of large tiles.

The colour of the ceramic tiles can be a lighter shade, for example, beige or off-white. Bringing the European influence from the Victorian age is a sure thing to elevate your bathroom space naturally! 

Expert Tip: The best part of this bathroom décor is that it can fit in any bathtub in the ceramic tile deck. Hence, you need not worry much about the budget; this décor can be done quickly.

Subway Tiles

Introduced in the New York subway back in the early 1900s, the Subway tiles have outlived trends and time. Thus, the subway tiles in your bathroom can instantly give a classic feel. The vintage feeling can also bring a sense of comfort. Hence, this décor would surely fit right in.

Expert Tip: The colour of the subway tiles highly influences the appeal and the mood. So, you can choose a navy-blue colour if you wish to bring a royal look. Likewise, you can choose white for the tranquil vibe.

Shower and Bath

If you choose from cheap back to wall bathtubs to make more room in the bathroom, here’s another idea to save more space. You can combine the shower and the bathtub and save more space. Many households use this method, and the majority certainly approves of it. In addition, the shower and bathtub combined help you clean your bathroom conveniently.

Expert Tip: If you’re wondering whether a bath and shower combined look classy, know that some five-star hotels have their shower and bath combined. Hence, it all depends on how you fashion your bathroom to make it elegant.

A Touch of Art

In a limited space, you can still make the décor elegant by adding a few elements and elevating the room, that is, by making the best use of art. Do you have a favourite painting? Hang it against the wall of your back to wall bathtub.

If you have made an art piece and wish to showcase it in the best way possible, why not hang it against your bathroom wall? Plus, you can make your bathroom space more personal.

Art indeed provides a sense of comfort as you have something to relate to. Thus, adding a touch of art can elevate your bathroom décor.

Expert Tip: If you have your shower and bathtub together, you may want to reshuffle the place of the painting. You can hang the artwork besides the mirror and adjacent to the bathroom vanity. Also, the back of the door is another excellent place to hang your art.

Space-saving décor is a wise decision to make, especially when remodelling your bathroom. Plus, a back to wall bathtub is made to help you save space. So, using the ideas mentioned in the article (adding art, using an Italian theme, the subway tiles, and more), you can instantly elevate your bathroom. And these ideas are sure to withstand any trend or time.


Wealth management tips for business people

Accumulating wealth can be a difficult task. A proper plan must be implemented to ensure that the targeted amount of wealth is reached. According to Frederick Baerenz, wealth management begins with evaluating current financial standing and then devising a plan for future investments and acquisitions. This is a guide to five basic wealth management tips for anyone who owns or plans on owning their own business.

1) Diversification

Spreading out your investments over varied asset classes reduces risk, since no one can forecast with certainty what any particular sector will do next. Just like you don’t want all of your money in one stock or one industry because you could lose it all, you don’t want to put all of your savings into just one fund type. A fund is an investment vehicle that pools together the funds of many investors and invests them in various assets, including shares and real estate. Investing in more than one fund means that if something does go wrong with your chosen group, you won’t lose everything; having multiple wins over time is much more likely.

2) Get some financial advice

Most people do not know the amount of money they spend or save weekly or even monthly. However, getting a professional opinion from a financial adviser can be invaluable in helping you keep track of your money and identify areas where improvement is possible. In some cases, individuals who have accumulated significant wealth over time may feel that they no longer need a financial adviser. In reality,  CEO Frederick Baerenz claims that people of all socioeconomic backgrounds could benefit from getting good advice about money management on an annual basis. That is because, even though your money situation might be fine now things change, and having a knowledgeable professional to talk to can help ensure that you’re always on track for your specific financial goals.

3) Avoid debt

Debt might be a helpful tool, but you need to know when and how to use it to avoid becoming a burden. For example, using a credit card for an emergency is considered good debt since the interest rate is typically low compared with other loans. Also, the cost of borrowing from family or friends should always be cheaper than going through a bank or payday loan company. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your monthly payments, see if you qualify for assistance programs that could help you get back on track. Otherwise, try making small changes in your spending habits that will add up over time and eventually give you enough breathing room to make larger sacrifices where necessary.

4) Take advantage of benefits offered by your employer

When you’re looking for a job, check to see if any benefits will help you save money on the health care costs or other expenses in your life. Also, try to negotiate more vacation time, flexible work hours, and paid company events so you can spend quality time with family and friends while saving money at the same time. You may even find that increasing your productivity at work will allow you to receive a raise or promotion.


TRIARE mobile apps

Nowadays, mobile applications are essential for the successful development of almost any business. TRIARE makes custom-made iOS / Android applications for both existing businesses and startups. We carry out a full cycle of turnkey development: from idea, design, technical assignment to publication in the App Store / Google Play.

Benefits of our applications

  1. User-friendly design. We design the application so that the client immediately understands how to use it. Working with our products is simple and pleasant: they are intuitive and presentable.
  2. Designing scenarios Based on analytics, we design scenarios for user behavior.
  3. Attention to detail. We develop technical specifications based on analytics, business processes and requests from your users. We prepare documentation for the application and write clean, easy-to-read code with detailed comments.
  4. Progress reporting. You will receive regular updates on how your project is progressing. At any time you can contact us and clarify what you are interested in doing. We are always in touch!
  5. Testing and support. At every stage of development, we conduct application tests, so we guarantee their stable operation. We also provide technical support and are ready to work on the further development of the project.
  6. Fixed prices and terms. The price set for development at the conclusion of the contract will not be changed. We work on the principle of a fixed deadline: the application always comes out on time.

Areas and stages of our development

We can implement any custom-made mobile application:

  1. online stores (any online stores, marketplaces or an application for an existing store);
  2. systems that allow customers to publish an order and find a contractor;
  3. loyalty systems – applications for registering customers, receiving loyalty cards, accumulating bonuses, presenting QR / bar codes at the checkout, sending personal offers;
  4. messengers and social networks – applications for communication within communities or corporate applications of the company;
  5. catalogs, lists and search for companies, places, events;
  6. posters with contacts, classification and binding to maps by GPS;
  7. applications for training users with tests and access to materials, articles, videos, etc .;
  8. control of employees;
  9. applications for setting tasks for employees and tracking the progress of work with photo reports and binding to GPS;
  10. implementation of any startups, from idea to launch in the App Store / Google Play and further development.

TRIARE provides its customers with the ability to track all stages of mobile application development.

  1. Pre-project analytics. At this stage, we determine the need and experience of users, analyze the successful experience.
  2. Designing scenarios. Based on analytics, our specialists design scenarios of user behavior.
  3. Prototyping. For clarity, we create a schematic version that reflects all the necessary functionality.
  4. Description of technical requirements. Based on the prototype, we write technical requirements for the development.
  5. Development. The development process itself, which includes: design, development for iOS and Android, Back-end, testing.
  6. Promotion launch. Preparation and launch of all the necessary advertising channels, landing page, information materials.
  7. Support. We support the developed application at all stages of its implementation and operation.

To order the development of a mobile application from us, go to the website


Accounting for working time: what is important for employees to know

The modern person is used to checking work email at home and staying in touch by answering work calls around the clock. Researchers estimate that in this way the average person works an additional 1.5 months per year. 80% of those surveyed said they work even after they leave the office. At the same time, employees are still convinced that only employers need time tracking. Is it really so, if employees do not even notice how gratuitously they “give” 1.5 months of their life to the company.

Why do they do it: most do not want to allow chaos in work affairs. Half of the respondents noted that they can’t help but respond to emails even if the working day is over, because it’s important for clients and partners to get a quick response to requests. 31% of employees simply can’t take their minds off work even when they go home. A total of 1,000 people were surveyed. Most people find it difficult to do without time recording, they lose control over it.

The environment has become mobile. The ability to always be connected and have access to work email and apps is often a must have for many companies. Companies want to know what their employees are doing, so they implement systems that can keep track of their time.

Some researchers are sounding the alarm: Technology has become too much a part of our lives. People can’t maintain a healthy work-life balance: They work wherever they can. Nearly 70% of those surveyed check their mail until 8 a.m., and the same number won’t go to bed until they’ve looked at their emails. Specialists spliced work and personal: 60% read work correspondence, communicating with family, 40% – at lunch.

The illusion of working 24×7×365 is that you can do everything at once; in fact, it is very difficult. A person who simultaneously plays with a child and solves work issues on a cell phone is equally unproductive in both processes. It is impossible to have a meaningful conversation with friends and respond to work emails at the same time. Although at first glance, one would think that one is capable of multitasking and rationally keeping track of time at work. This is not the case.

The research center conducted a study, which showed that about half of the respondents work extra hours and stay at the office. 23% stay up to 1 hour every day, 15% stay for 2 to 3 hours, 2% stay about 5 hours, and 4% stay more than 5 extra hours. 56% of respondents usually go home on time. 24% of respondents stay at work every day. The reasons for this are rushes and a large volume of work tasks. If a company does not keep records of working hours, all overtime of employees becomes their voluntary charitable contribution to the development of the company.

Does it benefit the company itself? That’s debatable. In the long run, an overstretched employee will begin to decrease productivity, become more tired, lose motivation, and make a lot of mistakes. The manager should understand that time management is not just about operating the team at 200%. It is not beneficial to the company. Let’s note only one advantage of overtime work for employees – an opportunity to improve professional competence and self-release. But is it worth it, because then the whole life of a person is reduced to work, the development turns out to be one-sided.

In search of a way out of this situation, companies are trying to provide employees with a work-personal balance. They introduce such notions as flexible schedule, on-the-job childcare, distance work, rest rooms, mother and child. But the fact that this is a necessary requirement of the modern rhythm of life – no one no longer doubts. Accounting for working time should not drive an employee into a dead-end, when he is tied to the office by all possible technical means. Adequate time recording – as a barometer should indicate to a person the kinks in his daily schedule and not let him get lost in roles.


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