International Pre Shipment Inspection Agencies


Pre-shipping inspection is necessary for all importers. This will ensure to receive defect-free goods and in the right quantity. It is a part of quality control with your manufacturer. This type of inspection will confirm that the manufacturer has abided by your order specification. The importers must hire the service from a trusted international pre-shipment inspection company. They will be having a branch in your region and the manufacturer’s nation. This will enable you to communicate in your language and execute your works as per the industry norms.

Pre Shipment Inspection Checklist

When you hire the service from a pre-shipping agency, they check the below-mentioned procedures.

 Inspection Team Visit

The hired pre-shipping inspection agency will visit the manufacturer site on the fixed date. They carry necessary tools, measurement gadgets, and equipment. They visit the factory site, where 80% of production is over. They do visit the site, from where the goods will be shipped in a container. They do check with packing site, which can be in the same factory or in another unit. They do it as same day works.

Follow Compliance

They see the manufacturer has followed the agreed level of trade. They check documents related to pre-shipment. The agency checks they follow the compliance or not. This inspection truly deals with documentation related to shipping. This will help in providing a proper pre-inspection certificate. This is the first step or procedure, which a shipping inspection agency will take with your manufacturer.

Quantity Verification

This inspection involves checking the right quantity of packing is loaded to a container, which is to be shipped. This will ensure for receiving the ordered quantity at your end. This involves inspection at packing and container loading site.

Final Random Inspection

When the production is nearing to 80%, random inspection of the produced product will be carried out. This is to ensure the produced products are free from any manufacturing defects before shipment. This is the final inspection, as you would have done the first product inspection earlier. This type of check will ensure for quality products.

Package Checking

This inspection involves checking of labels. They see they are as per standards. They do check the tags of each packing as per the instruction. The size of a cartoon box and weight test will be carried out for damage check. They do bar code inspection. They do check the sealing of packages, which are to be shipped.

Finally, they give the pre-shipment inspection certification. This is a valid certification and needs in the importation of any goods by an importer from other nation. They do take pre-shipment inspection videos and send to the importer for their satisfaction. In this way, you can assure for ordered consignment will reach you safely on time. It is advisable to hire the service from a reputed pre-shipment company. They will carry pre-shipment works as per the agreed terms. They are affordable and you can book online. They do provide an online inspection report.

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