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Our company Ard-Optics Co. Ltd, Armenia, founded in 2007, has become a well-known brand of near IR-spectral crystal optics in the national and foreign markets and specializes in selling optics from Sapphire (Leucosapphire Al2O3).

Briefly about sapphire

Corundum sapphire is a synthetic material and is classified as a durable anisotropic uniaxial crystal. It is 100% chemically inert and has a low friction coefficient. This corundum wear resistance is eight times higher in comparison with steel.

Synthetic corundum, as a dielectric and heat-resistant material up to 1600 0 C has excellent optical properties — transparency from 0.17 to 5.5 microns. At high temperatures and pressures, corundum does not lose its optical qualities.

For the manufacture of optical components, we use synthetic corundum grown according to the Musatov method (a modification of the Kyropoulos method). We also offer profiled sapphire obtained by Stepanov’s method (analogous to the EFG growth process).

Our equipment allows us to perform high-quality polishing of sapphire products with minimal roughness, and to meet the highest customer requirements for cleanliness and processing accuracy.

Sapphire obtained by the  Kyropoulos method

The material grown by this method has perfect crystallography and a minimum number of internal defects. Improved growing technology and post-growth processing make it possible to obtain a material that is resistant to UV radiation and the near-IR beam spectrum.

Sapphire is a kind of birefringent material. Ard-Optics uses this C-orientated material to manufacture optical windows for lasers, detectors, illuminators, viewing windows for sensors, etc. when it is necessary to exclude the presence of a minor beam. For less demanding applications, the material can be used in any other orientation required by the customer.

We use chemical and mechanical sapphire polishing. This allows achieving high-quality parameters of optical elements: the second class of optical purity and flatness< / 10 @ 632 nm, necessary and sufficient for laser applications.

Our products made of sapphire obtained by the Kyropoulos method:

1. Large-sized sapphire optics (Leucosapphire Al2O3), domes, caps, fairings, and products of complex geometric shapes are especially popular among our clients.

2. Sapphire waveguides for medical equipment of various sizes. We have waveguides in the following sizes: 10 × 20 × 25 mm, 10 × 20 × 50 mm, and 20 × 20 × 50 mm.

3. Optical components for laser and spectroscopic use: windows, including wedge-shaped, protective windows, different plano-convex, concave, and meniscus lenses and prisms. Sapphire windows in sizes D10.5×1 mm and D8×1 mm are always available in stock.

4. Spectroscopy optics. These kinds of components are used in cases where the application dictates increased requirements for mechanical strength, high chemical resistance, and non-toxicity. At the request of the customer, it is possible to drill holes, including blind holes, inside these elements. The minimum hole s cross-section is 0.5 mm.

5. Hypo-, hyper-, hemispheres, and spherical lenses. The use of such products is quite wide, but we specialize in the production of small batches according to the original specifications of customers.

Sapphire obtained by Stepanov’s method

This method is used to grow such profiled products as strips, rods, tubes, including one-sided ones with a seal, and products of a complex profile. Depending on the area of product use, post-growth processing of crystals grown by this method is mostly not required, which reduces the final product cost.

We offer sapphire blanks grown by the Stepanov method of optical (3 and 4 classes), and technical (5 and 6 classes) quality.

The product overall dimensions made of profiled sapphire:

The maximum dimensions are 350×500×30 mm.

Tubes and rods:

— diameter 2–22 mm, tolerance +/- 0.05 mm;

— length 150-300 mm;

— wall thickness — minimum 0.5 mm;

— minimal internal diameter — 0.8 mm.

Optics to order

Required optics often is matching the product parameters in the catalogs of well-known companies. But it happens to be so non-standard that special technological methods are needed to manufacture necessary components.

We have separated these elements into a separate section of production, which require high qualifications and skill of our specialists, capable of solving non-standard tasks posed by consumers.

1. Sapphire optical fibers for medical applications

The light guides are rectangular parallelepipeds, all surfaces of which, including the chamfers, are well polished. These are windows through which radiation passes to the patient’s skin. Optical fibers with dimensions 10×20×25 mm, 10×20×50 mm, and 20×20×50 mm are always available from our stock.

2. Cylindrical dual focus (DF) lens for cutting thick materials

It is DF lenses that are especially relevant for cutting thick materials when standard lenses do not provide the required speed and material savings and, therefore, are inferior to the former inefficiency. The fundamental difference between these lenses is the presence of two discrete and pronounced focus points.

We have implemented an original technological approach to the production of DF lenses, which allowed us to manufacture cylindrical lenses. We would be happy to discuss customizing large-size lenses based on the original requirements of the customer.

3. Glass prisms for scanners

Such prisms are used in scanners and other sophisticated devices. The impossibility of fixing the prisms during the production process makes the processing individual and almost manual. We deliberately refrain from gluing. The prisms we offer are one-piece products made from high-quality optical glass blocks.

Optics under the order

To receive a price quote or to order sapphire optics, make a request by phone (+37410208450) or fill out the interactive form on our website, or send a request by e-mail ([email protected])

The cost of manufactured optics made of sapphire (Leucosapphire Al2O3) is directly influenced by dimensions, requirements for tolerances, parallelism, purity class, wedge angle, etc. The lower are requirements for optics, the lower their cost. We will help you buy exactly what you need from us!


Our leucosapphire optical components are widely used in various industrial applications. Delivery of finished products is carried out quickly and reliably by courier service in the shortest possible time throughout Russia and around the world.

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