How to Respond to a Skills Shortage in Legal Job Market


Finding a new legal job can be tremendously stressful, but the process can be equally frustrating for those hiring applicants within the legal industry. Fortunately, either problem can easily be solved by partnering with a legal headhunter. Legal recruiting agencies are specially equipped to match new legal professionals with the top law firms, which makes them extremely useful to law firms – particularly during signs of a skills shortage in the legal job market.

Companies looking for increasingly specialized skills can be overwhelmed by resumes, since so many websites make it easy to send out large amounts of applications indiscriminately. The opposite problem, finding limited numbers of applications that are up to the standards of your firm, can be equally frustrating – and potentially cost those on the hiring committee a seemingly endless number of wasted billable hours.

While last year reported that the most recent law school class graduated into a surprisingly strong job market, this was the result of fewer law school graduates competing for jobs, rather than an overall increase in the number of jobs available. With fewer qualified candidates seeking new job opportunities, how can law firms respond to a talent pool that is becoming more limited?

In addition to the right degree and specialized work experience, there are a number of other factors that influence whether a job will be the right fit. Millennials, in particular, indicate that they would be willing to give up higher compensation in exchange for factors like having to work fewer hours, flexibility, improved benefits, more training and development, and expanded pro bono opportunities. Regardless of which side of the hiring process you’re on, however, you can learn more from The Heller Group about how to contact a legal recruiter for help, so you don’t have to go it alone.

An established, reliable legal recruiter will already be familiar with the job market in your area. These firms often have extensive knowledge of the relevant law firms and companies who are looking to hire, based on years of experience, talking to a wide network of contacts, and feedback from candidates they have placed in the past.

By getting to know the candidate as an individual, a legal recruiter will have a good sense of whether they will be a good fit with a firm’s culture and values. Legal recruiters can also help firms find candidates who may not be actively looking for a new job, but who would be an excellent fit.

They can also help you navigate difficult situations such as obtaining recommendations and references without letting your current employer know that you are looking for another job. It can be particularly beneficial to contact a legal recruiter for lawyers who are already working long hours; it can feel almost impossible to devote time to a job search while striving to meet billable hour requirements.

Because of the increased privacy, reduced stress, and greater chance for a successful outcome, it can be well worth it to contact a legal recruiter for help. Whether you’re looking to hire a new lawyer or you’ve recently graduated from law school and are seeking employment yourself, contact a legal recruiter today, so they can put in the time-consuming legwork for you and increase your chances of a successful search!

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