How to Open a Company in Hungary


Opening a company in Hungary can be relatively straightforward and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand into the European market. The country offers a range of incentives designed to make the start-up process as simple and cost-effective as possible.

The first step to opening a company in Hungary is to choose the type of company you wish to open. The country offers several options, including limited liability companies (LLCs), joint stock companies (JSCs), and sole proprietorships. You’ll need to decide on the number of shareholders and their respective shares, as well as your preferred business structure.

Once you’ve chosen the type of company you wish to open, you’ll need to register with the local tax office and obtain a business license for operating in Hungary. It’s important that all documents are completed correctly so that authorities can be assured of your compliance with Hungarian regulations. You may also need to open a bank account for your new business before submitting any applications for licenses.

Next, you’ll need to open business premises in Hungary. This will not only give your company an official address for conducting business but also demonstrate that you have a physical presence in the country. You can either purchase or rent the necessary premises depending on your budget and requirements. It’s important to note that all businesses must be registered with the local municipality before they open their doors to customers.

Another important factor is choosing the right name for your business and registering it with the Central Statistical Office (KSH). It’s also important to open a corporate bank account with one of Hungary’s many banks and obtain all necessary licenses from the local authority, you will need to prepare statutory documents such as articles of association, memorandum of association, etc., depending on your type of business.

Finally, you will need to complete any additional paperwork required by Hungarian laws and regulations, such as registering employees and obtaining insurance coverage. Once all documents are completed and submitted correctly, you’ll be able to open your company in Hungary without any further delays. With the right preparation, opening a company in Hungary can be an exciting journey toward success.

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