How to Make That Corporate Christmas Party a Memorable One


Well the time is getting nearer and before you know it, it will be only a week or two away, so planning for a corporate Christmas party is best done earlier than later.

  • And with so many other people booking events at places on similar dates, it will certainly be the early bird that catches the figgy pudding!

It’s always in one’s best Christmas party interests to make sure the party lights up like a Christmas pudding and goes as smoothly as a sled through snow!

Christmas Is Already in the Air

Get started by sending around your workplace some tentative dates amongst the major decision-makers inside of the company.

The next step is make up a guest list, and you will have to decide on whether your Christmas party is going to be a staff member only kind of bash, or will employees partners or clients’ be invited, also?

  • Is this going to be a big budget, occasion to do a little showing off, or is the office do going to be kept within closed borders.

The Perfect Place

You really should start looking out and researching for a great venue as early as you can because the best ones will soon be snapped up and you may be left with a Boy Scout hall!

Plus, the kind of event you wish to put on will definitely help to shape your venue options.

  • For instance, will it be a daytime or night-time party event and will you all be drinking and having a good old fashioned knees up or will it be a wining and dining occasion?

Team Work

Putting a Christmas party organising committee together now is a smart idea. You can then share Christmas Party Ideas and the responsibility of the job ahead as each of you bounce ideas around.

  • Invite members from all departments in to have a voice so that everyone feels as if they’re represented.
  • And make sure to delegate, to help things move along smoother than otherwise.

Work out the Costs

Ensure that you work out the budget for your event as early as possible, as this will help to figure out exactly the type of event which you can make possible.

Have a chat with the boss to agree on a maximum spending amount for every employee and let him or her know exactly how much a Christmas party will cost.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past!

Remember how Christmas parties the past turned out. If you yourself weren’t present, talk to others who were there to enjoy them.

Ask them questions and see what they thought were the pros and the cons and work it out from there. Learning from past mistakes and making the present and future ones better is something we all could do with!

You can firm up on food arrangements once the venue is booked. And because the food will often be the most talked about feature of the party, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right venue!

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