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How to Integrate Merchandise Marketing Into Your Content

Attention all content creators and small business (or large business) owners: Did you know you can increase consumer loyalty, gain customers and boost business just by integrating merchandise marketing into your custom content? Whether you blog for a living or operate an online retail shop from your home, custom content is the perfect opportunity to sell logo printed promotional items that will spread the word about your business. And I’m not just talking about spammy, salesy content that will have readers rolling their eyes and skipping out to look at cat memes instead.

Use Engaging Imagery

Skilled writers can conjure up all kinds of imagery without even putting a single picture on a page. But today’s internet browsers want to see more than just words. Photos, graphics and videos are all extremely valuable tools that can keep readers engaged and interested in whatever it is you have to say. This doesn’t mean that written words are any less vital to a successful blog post, website page or informative pamphlet, but photos or graphics enhance your message and keep consumers from feeling overwhelmed with big blocks of text. Think back to the Shakespeare unit in your high school literature class … wouldn’t it have been better with fun photos and videos? We think so too.

While you may be wondering how wholesale promotional products or merchandise marketing plays into any of this, consider all the ways a creative video showcasing your new promotional bags could boost sales and customer loyalty? If you’re managing a nonprofit, you could illustrate all the ways the sales of your promotional items are improving people’s lives around the globe. Or if you’re a comedian/blogger, your latest video featuring quirky swag ideas could entice loyal readers to jump on the bandwagon and get one of your promotional water bottles or promotional pens to fund your next show.

Consider an Online Shop

Bloggers, such as the examples we mentioned above, can integrate merchandise marketing into their content all day long, but giving readers a place to purchase and browse your promotional items is vital to the success of your business as well. For example, a tech blogger might write about the benefits of different battery capacities of power banks and then link to their own online shop where they sell all kinds of promotional power banks, stamped with their logo.

Even if you have a storefront, customers who live hundreds of miles away probably won’t travel to your store just to pick up a cool pair of promotional headphones. Using content on blog platforms, websites or social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can direct consumers to your online shop to boost business and awareness. It also promotes more customer interaction online. Brief blurbs of content on social media pages paired with photo or video contests and giveaways can provide great opportunity to market promotional items!

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