How to Choose a Specialist Cold Chain Supply Company


Finding the right specialist cold chain supply company is vital for the safe and effective transportation of temperature sensitive goods. Choose the wrong company and you may find your goods are poorly handled and possibly spoiled, while others may seem like a good fit only to become a logistical nightmare.

These are things you obviously want to avoid, so taking the time to research the best specialist cold chain supply companies is highly recommended. Cutting corners could land you with a supply company that isn’t right for the job, leading to potentially thousands, or even millions, in lost revenue.

To avoid such problems, be sure to follow the tips below for how to choose a specialist cold chain supply company:

Experience in Your Sector

While most cold chain supply companies work across various sectors, namely perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, it always helps to choose a company with experience in your own sector. This ensures they are adequately equipped to transport your goods as they already have experience shipping the type of products you have.

The easiest way to determine a cold chain supply company’s experience is to request information on their previous shipping experience. This should clearly show what type of goods they have experience shipping and how well-experienced they are in this area, giving you a better idea of how suitable they are for your requirements.

Request Performance Metrics

While knowing that a cold chain supply company has experience shipping in your sector is useful for finding the best candidate, you want to determine how well they perform in shipping these items. Therefore, it’s always worth requesting performance metrics – the numbers never lie!

Specialist companies with ample experience have usually shipped a massive variety of goods, so there should be data available on this and how well they perform. If the speed and accuracy of their supply chain matches your requirements, then you know they’re a reliable source for your shipping needs.

Determine What Shipping Systems You Require

Cold chain supply companies utilise various shipping systems, so determine what each one offers and whether it falls in line with your requirements.

For example, temperature-controlled pallet shippers are suitable for loosely packed temperature sensitive goods, whereas pallet covers offer a more versatile temperature-controlled shipping system, being suitable for goods of various shapes and sizes.

Better still, look for a cold chain supply specialist that offers bespoke shipping systems. Tailor-made solutions ensure even the most demanding shipping needs are met, regardless of the shape, size, material, or temperature requirements.

Ask About Contingency Plans

Sometimes accidents happen and the worst-case scenario occurs, which in the case of cold chain supply is the heating or cooling system failing. While unlikely, there is always the chance something goes wrong during shipping, potentially causing thousands in lost revenue.

So, when looking at a cold chain supply company you should always ask what their contingency plans are should something go wrong, including how they maintain temperatures should the worst occur.

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