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How Does a Transaction Management Platform Help Real Estate Agents Close More Deals?

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

-Chris Grosser

In the real estate world, most agents find it hard to follow Grosser’s advice and create opportunities. That is because they are always knee-deep in paperwork for their current transactions. So finding time to create new ones is next to impossible.

Or is it?

In this digital era, technology is ready to come to your rescue where you are fighting against the clock. And you know what they say, Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s why most real estate agents are gradually moving towards digitized transactions.

Plus, they have a trusty transaction management platform to ensure they don’t falter on their way to get more deals.

Here are a handful of ways through which you can benefit from a transaction management platform:

1. Saves Time

As a real estate agent, you are often caught up in the paperwork of ongoing projects. This, in turn, prevents you from chasing progress on other promising ventures. Isn’t that right? Some reports suggest that just managing the real estate paperwork for a transaction can take 30 hours. That is nearly a week’s worth of work.

However, using a transaction management platform can untie your hands. That’s because its automated workflow ensures that the paperwork is in order even when you aren’t in the office.

2. Saves Face

How many times have your closure forms been denied or your broker told you that you can’t get paid until you track down signatures from the buyers and sellers after a transaction has already closed?

The answer is one too many times. Missed deadlines and signatures can easily be chucked down and declared as human error. Graciously, most clients don’t throw a tantrum when this happens. However, they might not come back after this negligence.

On the other hand, the transaction management platform is a full-proof way to ensure this doesn’t happen ever again. The digitized database thoroughly supervises your deals and makes sure that the paperwork meets all requirements before it is submitted.

3. Saves Relationships

A real estate agent promises to be with their clients at every step of the way. But this is an impossible feat to accomplish when you have multiple projects to look over. The transaction management platform is a way to unite the projects without any hassle. Think of it as the ultimate spot to cater to your clients’ needs simultaneously.

In a way, it provides you with a medium to communicate and delegate the various deals in one go. So you’ll always be in control and be kept informed no matter where you are.

Other benefits include:

  • Better conversion rates
  • Higher efficiency
  • Smoother process

In short, this digitized manager controls, delegates, and communicates with the customer base on your behalf. This gives you ample time to make your way to prospective buyers/sellers without worrying about what’s happening at work. Plus, this kind of flawless management is sure to give you the boost you need in your career.

If you decide a transaction management platform is too expensive, you should at least consider hiring a transaction coordinator. We suggest using, a transaction coordinator directory, to help you find the right TC for you.

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