Grow Your Business: Guide to Buying Your Franchise


When you buy a business you gain a sense of entrepreneurship; you are empowered by your ability to represent your brand in an interpersonal way. Nevertheless, hardships arise that can overwhelm the flow of operations in a company. Buying a franchise is one way to alleviate the challenges of owning a business because it assists and gives you access to beneficial resources. The help you acquire from the franchise can give you more time for networking in the community, connecting and giving personal appeal of your brand to customers.

Benefit of Buying a Franchise

A franchise is a licensed relationship that promotes your business growth. When you buy a franchise, it can help you secure a business location, create schedules, hire employees, and much more. The benefit of buying a franchise is that the team of professionals you choose will help build your most valuable asset, your brand. The brand expectations and obligations that are required for customer satisfaction are marketed and ensured with the promotion from your franchisor. Moreover, this relation establishes standards that build your company’s credibility. As the owner, you will be receptive to the professionalism and values the franchise will bring to your brand.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Franchise

Before investing in a franchise, you should consider several factors. First, you must decide which franchise will work best for your company. Research a franchise’s experience to see whether they have positive name recognition and their ability to help operate businesses. Compare the range of services and the potential for growth they offer your company to competitors. Also, you should contact the Better Business Bureau to find out about possible complaints a franchise has received in the past. The information you compile will give you the knowledge to choose the right franchise that will help grow your company. Nevertheless, you should also take into account of short and long-term costs. Acknowledge initial franchise fees, royalty payments, and supply costs. Evaluate your debts to your potential earnings and determine whether the franchise is a reasonable asset for your company. If you need assistance, ask your franchisor for a written substantiation and go over the numbers with an accountant.

Documentation for Buying a Franchise

The most important knowledge to have before buying a franchise is to understand the Franchise Disclosure and Franchise Agreement. As a business owner, you have the right to take the documents to your lawyer so they can inform you of the risks and regulations in the agreement before you commit. While the documents may notify you of many rights, take into account that most franchisers are protected by laws that the FDD includes for representative purposes that might not have been included in the documents they presented. If you need clarification from the franchisor, ask questions.

When you buy a franchise, you have instant name recognition. Your business gains a partnership that provides training and support, building the integrity of your company. Therefore, you have a responsibility to yourself to know the risks and benefits of the franchise you choose. Putting consideration into the franchise you select will help you grow your business through networking and promoting your brand.

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