Fire Protection Services Brisbane


The threat of fire in the workplace is a constant danger to employees while it is also important that senior managers as well as ordinary workers take personal responsibility to cut the risk of fire in the workplace as much as possible. Indeed, in every workplace environment, there are several common hazards which could be monitored to prevent fire from breaking out.

Waste materials

One of the most prominent threats for a workplace fire comes from the generation of waste, especially packing materials or papers which are often stored for recycling. In addition, when these particular types of waste materials are incorrectly disposed of, they can pose a significant risk of fire breaking out. This can be especially dangerous if such material comes into any sort of contact with flammable liquids or other sources of heat such as cigarettes. Therefore, building managers, waste collection employees and any workers involved in the recycling process need to develop an appropriate system of waste management which keeps the storage areas safe while all potentially hazardous waste materials must be stored in an area away from the usual work environment.

Secure all flammable liquids

If you work in a commercial operation that has a use for flammable liquids, then these types of materials should always be kept in a secure location because they pose a significant risk of fire. Furthermore, industrial organisations, especially those with manufacturing facilities often deal with a variety of hazardous liquids that could cause an explosive reaction if they are discarded incorrectly or mixed in the wrong ratio. Indeed, hazardous liquids can create a serious fire hazard if they are not stored in an appropriate manner or disposed of correctly, while any form of spark or heat source could also cause a significant threat of fire.

Electric malfunctions

Another significant threat to the workplace environment could electrical equipment which has malfunctioned, especially computers or other machinery, while air conditioning systems can also become overheated, leading to the threat of fire breaking out. If such equipment gets hot, then it is imperative that all flammable or combustible materials are kept far away. In addition, building infrastructure can be a potential fire hazard through damaged wiring or faulty plugs which can also be dangerous as a result of their unpredictability. If you want to ensure the safety of your workplace a simple online search for fire protection services in Brisbane will return a number of organisations which can help you develop a fire protection plan in the workplace. Therefore, business should make sure that these various components regularly checked and maintained if necessary.


Furthermore, in a commercial building there are generally a number of people working in the building, creating a significant amount of opportunities for the workforce to make simple mistakes. Human error is also a significant fire hazard, especially as a result of incorrect training, distractions or negligence. You should make sure your organisation takes the recommended precautionary measures to stop a fire disaster from breaking out in your building.

Make sure your employees have complete knowledge about fire prevention and protection methods.

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