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A guide on how to create a great company name, directly from the experts in brand positioning.

What makes a name great?

Business name is a name that has no apparent relationship with the product you sell. It seeks to create an identity and a brand above the service or product offered. A great company or product name is one that makes people stop (even for just a few seconds) and think “What’s that?” Some names are easily gets avoided because they “sound like everyone else” in a particular industry, but a great name short-cut this process and makes the person who meets the company interested and ready to listen to any messages that the company present. Many of the most powerful names are what we call evocative names, or names that lead to, and support, the brand positioning metaphorically, rather than literally and linearly.

Do a complete analysis of your competition.

Doing a competition analysis will help you delineate the territory of what is already out there and how most of your competitors will blend with others instead of standing out. Next, consider the specified names of the competition, which look and sound good, are easy to pronounce, and, as a bonus that evocative names give us, have deep layers of meaning and history behind them, allowing you to tell a compelling story that empowers your marketing efforts for many years.

The name you choose must also be extensible, able to work with products under the brand or as a company name for whatever you are doing in five or ten years, not just today.

Avoid typical mistakes when naming a company.

The biggest mistake companies make is thinking that the name somehow has to describe what the company or product does, such as “speed” or “flexibility.” After the company realizes that all of those direct names are already in use in its industry (and in all of them!), The next step is usually a trip to the thesaurus to generate synonyms for those words.

So when they notice those names, they are also taken, they start creating mixes of word parts of these synonyms until they have a name that they can register. What they are left with is a name that can technically be “unique” and can be registered, but can be ugly to look at, difficult to pronounce, impossible to remember, and therefore has zero brand value!

Creative company name ideas.

Our team of brand positioning experts has developed the maximum list of premium company names you can use for your business right now! Logo and domain designs included.

When we decide to undertake the adventure and start a company on the Internet or launch ours on this online channel, we will always have the doubt of what name we have to choose for our company, or what is the same, what domain will our company have. So we will see how to choose a name for our company on the Internet.

Because choosing a good name does not guarantee success, but if we have chosen a bad name, it surely makes our company less visible, it is more difficult for customers to remember and ultimately we will miss visits to business name ideas. If they do not find it difficult, it will be that they buy in online store or visit online.

Brand name that is associated with the brand of our company. It is the simplest and we can choose the literal name of our company so that anyone searching for the name of our company appears on our website. It is a good choice for clients who already know our company. If for example our company is “Squad Help” we could choose a name of the type “”.

SEO name that are the most difficult to find since they will help us to have more visits on the web thanks to their good positioning in search engines. If we follow the previous example, the best would be to put “” which would help us to bring more visits whenever someone searches for a professional of this type on the net. The problem is that these types of domain names are usually busy.

Making website for your business is recommended to have the name same as your business. It is an easy way to have a unique name for your business. Plus if you make a website with the name of your business then there are chances that the domain name will be free and available. If you succeed to find the website domain same as your business name then it will define you and your business only.

There are sectors for which it works better than others. For the name of an online clothing store, for example, it is not highly recommended. However, in more specific ones, such as accessories, it may be a possibility.

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