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Creating a CV: The basics of the perfect CV

Once an appropriate CV website has been found that meets your requirements, the next important step is to have the right structure in place for you to make and create your perfect CV. Whilst this may seem simple and relatively straight forward, some argue that the structure of a CV is more important than the content itself as it shows your personality and sense of organisation.

Creating a CV

The Curriculum Vitae, a document that every human being at some point in their life will need to create to outline their credentials and personal information when applying for a potential job or simply to give potential clients a better understanding of their background and experience. To create a CV , numerous data points must come together to build a robust CV that will be better than the rest of crowd. First of all, personal information such as Date of Birth, Address, Contact Number and Email Address are crucial so as to be able to be contacted by the recruiter and to determine if you are not too far from the workplace and your age is suitable for the job at hand.

Once this has been established, it is important to outline the field of higher education and the grades achieved, and mention if any special awards have been attributed due to your work.

Work Experience and Hobbies

It is important to provide as much personal information as you can, in order to facilitate the recruiter’s job when trying to contact you for a potential job interview, whether that be via phone or face to face. However, whilst it can be true for personal information, the same theory cannot be applied to work experience and hobbies. This is the case as you want to outline the most relevant work experience for the job you are applying for and ideally mention interests which can stand-out a bit from the rest of the crowd in order to create the best CV possible.

For example, it is of no use to mention a summer job that you have done 10 years ago if you are applying for a city jobs such as a banker or stock broker if you have already worked in the city long enough. Additionally, the creation of your CV will demand a long brainstorming session to determine which past experiences are most essential in your pursuit to land your dream job!

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