Common Services Offered by Local Solicitors


The dictionary describes a solicitor as a legal professional who helps people with a host of legal troubles. Solicitors also work with barristers and provide assistance for different legal matters. The laws exist to help people find legal solutions to their problems. If you are facing any legal issue, you should get in touch with a solicitor.

If you have legal insurance, the fee charged by the solicitor as well as any subsequent legal expenditure will be covered by the policy. Solicitors are trained to help people find legal solutions to their problems. Here are some of the many common services that local solicitors in Dorset offer.

Medical/ Dental Negligence

Medical and dental negligence is a serious issue. The main reason why doctors and dentists are required to undergo so much training and study is because the life and health of a patient can depend on them. If the dentist or the doctor makes a negligent decision without considering all important factors, a person may suffer a lot of pain or even die. If you feel that a loved one has suffered or died because of the negligence of a doctor or a dentist, you should get in touch with a solicitor right away. The solicitor will consider the facts of the case and send a legal notice to the doctor if necessary.

Personal Injury

Solicitors also handle claims related to personal injuries and fatalities. If you are injured at work or due to the actions of another party, or if someone has died as a result of a personal injury, the law gives you the right to file a claim. Personal injury cases are quite serious, and the solicitor will work with you to ensure that you get justice. Solicitors also help with drawing up wills and probates, etc.


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