Centralising Management through Affinity Payroll Services


Every company needs and excellent platform for managed payroll to bring out the best of the companies analytics for the payroll best practice, integrated modules and most importantly user friendly interface help to generate centralized platform for your company to automate end to end processes from on boarding till retirement of all employees.

Affinity payroll system which is customer centric and user friendly and helps in setting up new employ, collecting time card information, scrutinizing time card information encapsulating employers wage due, bolting employee changes , scheming applicable wages deduction, accounting for separate manual payment ,editing payroll register, authenticating and endorsing wage and tax amount, printing pay checks, delivering out Direct deposits notifications, depositing withheld taxes, issuing on time pay checks.

Intriguing contribution of affinity payroll service

1) Cloud based technology: enabling companies to as simplify and increment all the payroll functions, IRS automated technology improved efficiency and accuracy so that you can access payroll information anywhere anytime.

2) Mobile technology: every employee in today’s corporate arena makes deal via mobile device. Affinity payroll service has made it easy for employee to keep in check all the data in their mobiles through online portals and enabling them to focus and deliver business goals consistently. Internet plays a vital role for accessing all the information you need, therefore eliminating paper work which is not only environment friendly but it can literally save your pocket

3) Compliance of knowledge: knowledge of regulation from to place to place example: local, state, and federal labour and tax laws keep updating all the time. Affinity payroll services keeps in check for all the orders and information from time to time keeping you up to speed

What makes affinity payroll service stand in international level?

More than 300 organisations across Australia New Zealand rely on affinity, it evolves industry leading produced and service with 200 to 5000 employees with all industries and professional sectors. Affinity with its team makes you focus only on running your business and takes charge of internal payroll operations of company and give you guarantee results in consistency, timely, and accurate.

Affinity payroll services will deliver, bust, accumulate, command, constrain and outline the data to you organisation. The data processing is supported by a robust technology. Many other systems compelled you to wait until payroll is run before labour cost over runs are revealed. But affinity empowers you with this knowledge before it’s too late. Affinity payroll service is hired in multiple business organisations like manufacturing industries, contractions, retail markets, distribution regions, local governments, utilities etc.

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