Can Successful International Business Leaders Influence Your Children’s Path?


Everyone has dreams and aspirations, and perhaps more than ever, today’s society welcomes the entrepreneur with open arms. The vast capabilities of the internet, increasing mobility, and the desire and potential – and sometimes necessity during hard times – means that more and more people are becoming their own boss. That ultimately means more responsibility, more drive, more dedication and, luckily, more rewards. As individuals question whether or not the life of the self-starter is for them, others are asking similar questions: is entrepreneurship the way forward for my kids?

A New Way of Thinking

As parents, we worry about a lot of things where our children are concerned. It’s only natural that you’ll be tossing around thoughts of apprenticeships and university for your child, hoping they will find a path. What about encouraging your children to think outside of the box, and truly engage their creativity? Your kids can learn a lot from successful business leaders, and not just regarding the technicalities regarding business and self-employment. They can learn about building character and gaining experience, relevant life lessons that are invaluable.

Many of these lessons come from challenging adversity, and several entrepreneurs have faced prejudice and inequality on their long route to the top. Gandhi and Martin Luther King were among many whose political and business careers would take time to flourish because of the obstacles they would face; yet their impact on the world is everlasting. Eve Branson is an entrepreneur invested in promoting the growth of local, sustainable economies among Berber communities through empowering women. Another female icon who is changing the landscape of the business world is Erika Watson of Prowess, an inspiring figure who has helped countless women from all backgrounds launch their careers and who is an advocate for equality in the workplace.

Determination Equals Success

Another successful leader is Najib Mikati, a powerful inspiration for his nephew, chief executive officer of M1 group, Azmi Mikati. Azmi Mikati’s achievements include the founding of telecom company T-One, and his time serving as CEO of Investcom, which saw company profits flourish considerably. Like many other entrepreneurs, Azmi is an excellent example of how a passionate self-starter can set out to achieve their goals as well as be a part of something positive on a large scale.

Indeed, leaders such as these – as well as the more public figures we see on a regular basis in the media – are good role models for our kids. They are not entirely glamorised by celebrity, but their hard work and effort is recognised and valued. It is a wonderful way for our children to reflect on their own skills and talents, as well as their flaws, and will help them improve and keep moving forward, and ultimately achieve what they set out to do. Perhaps, other than a new product, that is the best thing entrepreneurs have given us – the knowledge that a creative mind, a determined resolve and a willingness to try will bring us all closer to our dreams and make better change in the world.

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