Bulk SMS Marketing – Is It Useful


Using mobile SMS as a means of marketing is not something new. Ever since mobile SMS communication became popular, companies have been looking at different ways by which they can leverage the technology for advertising purposes. Today, there are sophisticated tools that people can use to market their products to a more significant number of people without actually having to send the same message individually to a large group of people. Rather than having to send the same message over and over again, what you can do is use a bulk SMS marketing tool to send the message quickly to thousands of people at the press of a button.

However, many people have been doubtful about whether bulk SMS marketing is a useful thing or not. It’s important to go deeper into the statistics and the usability of the text message in the modern age to understand the importance of SMS marketing better.

How Important Is It?

Text messages are something that everybody reads now and then. Some people wake up to find their mobile phones flooded with text messages every morning. However, when was the last time you sat down and read through every one of the texts in your mobile inbox? In fact, most people just skim through the heading and usually delete messages directly from their mobile phones. If you choose any bulk SMS service provider in Malaysia, they are going to charge a fee for using their services. Most bulk SMS texting programs come with a paid subscription and a maximum number of people that you can send the message to at one time.

For instance, you can quickly dispatch the message to five or six thousand people. Keep in mind that you won’t always be able to confirm whether the texts have been dispatched immediately to all of the people to which you have sent it. These programs often have glitches, so there’s a chance that the messages may not be delivered to some of the people. However, the ratio of people who fail to get the message is very low, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Is It Effective?

The bigger question that most people have is whether bulk SMS marketing is useful or not, and there is a lot of debate about that. Simply put, though, bulk SMS marketing is only helpful if you are complementing it with other forms of marketing. If you are solely relying on bulk SMS marketing, you are not going to be able to get decent returns, and your costs of consumer acquisition are just going to rise with the passage of time.

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