Boiler Replacement: Notice the Signs


If you are worried your boiler isn’t operating as effectively as before, you may want to look out for some tell-tale signs. The last thing you need is to have your boiler breakdown coming into the winter months. If you’ve had the same unit for a number of years, it may be time for a replacement, especially if you notice any of the points mentioned below.

How many times have you needed to call your boiler technician?

Your boiler requires an annual service to keep it working accordingly, but if you find yourself having to call a technician out to your premises on more than one occasion, it may be time to consider a boiler replacement. There are plenty of first-class companies who service the UK and Wales who specialise in boiler installation, central heating systems and plumbing. So, if you think it’s time for a replacement, you should contact one of these organisations and request a quote.

How long does the boiler take to heat your premises?

An efficient boiler shouldn’t take long to heat your property, it should have your premises warm in a matter of minutes. If you find that your boiler seems to take a long time to heat up, it may not be working effectively. Most state of the art boiler units can heat up almost immediately, you shouldn’t have to wait for 10 or 15 minutes to get a reaction from your heating system. If your boiler is working poorly, it will also waste energy, causing your bills to increase. Although there are initial costs associated with installing a new boiler, you’ll see the benefits when your monthly utility bills arrive.

How old is your boiler system?

Most gas boilers last on average for about 10 to 15 years, after that they begin to experience problems simply because they are getting old. Some of the parts don’t function as effectively as before and the whole system starts to give you problems. It is often more sensible to have your old unit replaced rather than continually paying for services. Over time, you’ll save more money with a modern boiler than trying to maintain an aging unit.

Has your boiler shut down on multiple occasions?

If you notice that your boiler shuts down sporadically, there may be something wrong with the unit. A well-maintained, efficient unit won’t breakdown at regular intervals for no apparent reason. There are several reasons a boiler may switch off, but if a technician has checked all of them and not found fault, it is time to consider replacing your old unit. If your registered gas safe technician has got accustomed to visiting your premises for repairs, it is a sign that your gas boiler needs replacing.

There are many ways to check whether your boiler needs replacing, the age of your unit will determine whether you need an upgrade. If it’s over 15 years old, it’s always a good sign you need to change. You can also speak to a qualified boiler technician and have them assess the boiler, they’ll be able to recommend an appropriate course of action.

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