Believing the Power of Change with At Work Australia’s Disability Employment Services


Australians with a physical or mental disability often find it hard to assimilate themselves into society because of prejudice. Despite the lack of opportunities, the Australian Government enforced measures that force every Australian to pay social security.

Studies indicate that only 53% of working-age PWDs have a paid job which is significantly low on average. Such laws strongly impact the lives of people with disabilities as the playing field for work opportunities are not levelled.

However, views about PWDs continue to change, and the employment market greatly advocates non-discrimination for people with certain physical limitations. When you have a condition classifiable as a disability, getting disability employment services to help, you cut through the line of inequality.

Setting Up Your Foundations with the Help of an Employment Coach

At Work Australia provides a holistic employment service that can help maximize your potential and uplift your strong abilities. For most people suffering from physical limitation, getting their confidence back is a critical hindrance.

Although it cannot be said that most people with disability suffer from low self-esteem, the majority of the population does. Low self-confidence lessens the drive to succeed, and it is often addressed with the right support.

A dedicated job coach can help you gain sustainable employment by uplifting your spirits and helping you get the right exposure. Getting the friendly aid of an employment coach is like having a lift that pushes you in the right directions.

Creating Opportunities that Meet Your Employment Goals

Organizations like At Work Australia has partnered with a network of employers who are looking for dedicated persons. These companies are not hiring workers based on certain physical attributes or capacities but the tenacity to exceed their jobs.

The availability of companies willing to provide equal opportunities for PWDs is a clear indication that views are changing. Many companies and organizations are willing to hire persons with disabilities because they have better motivation than most average people.

The only real issue is being exposed to the right network that can leverage your advantage. Employment service providers catering to PWDs provide a great length of placement opportunity so you can land the right job based on your skills.

At Work Australia Ignites the Power Within You

Aside from getting equal employment opportunities, one critical reason to get disability employment services to help to gain sustainable growth. Working with like-minded people who show openness to your condition will help you thrive better.

Getting the help of such services is about landing the right job and creating a brighter future based on community acceptance. PWDs who are accepted by their peers and are provided with better opportunities become more resilient and hard-working.

The means to a better life starts with having the fire of opportunity rekindled. The right support that can help you harness a sense of well-being provides the environment to start igniting the will and motivation to live a better life.


Creating equal opportunities for every Australian is one of the driving forces behind organizations like At Work Australia. Shaping your future with disability employment services does not only mean helping you land the right job.

It means creating a sense of community that fosters your full potentials, so you get the right drive to do well. At Work Australia has been helping individuals with disability in getting access to a network of employers by supporting them in their job-readiness and skill-building efforts.

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