Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Cheap Back to Wall Bathtubs


You’re looking to save space in your bathroom and elevate the space with elegant décor. However, you’re confused about how the two concepts would fit together. So, you’re searching for ideas to renovate your bathroom. If this is your case,cheap back to wall bathtubs is the way to go in a limited bathroom space. Besides, you can fashion it in several ways.

In this post, you will find various bathroom renovation ideas using back to wall bathtubs. Meanwhile, your bathroom renovation may be on a limited budget. And still, it surely wouldn’t lack any modern touch if you go by the ideas listed in the article. So, read on!

Italian Tile Backsplash

An Italian-influenced bathroom would have its bathtub into a ceramic tile deck. The little cubical-shaped deck is placed against the wall, and surrounding will be a single row of large tiles.

The colour of the ceramic tiles can be a lighter shade, for example, beige or off-white. Bringing the European influence from the Victorian age is a sure thing to elevate your bathroom space naturally! 

Expert Tip: The best part of this bathroom décor is that it can fit in any bathtub in the ceramic tile deck. Hence, you need not worry much about the budget; this décor can be done quickly.

Subway Tiles

Introduced in the New York subway back in the early 1900s, the Subway tiles have outlived trends and time. Thus, the subway tiles in your bathroom can instantly give a classic feel. The vintage feeling can also bring a sense of comfort. Hence, this décor would surely fit right in.

Expert Tip: The colour of the subway tiles highly influences the appeal and the mood. So, you can choose a navy-blue colour if you wish to bring a royal look. Likewise, you can choose white for the tranquil vibe.

Shower and Bath

If you choose from cheap back to wall bathtubs to make more room in the bathroom, here’s another idea to save more space. You can combine the shower and the bathtub and save more space. Many households use this method, and the majority certainly approves of it. In addition, the shower and bathtub combined help you clean your bathroom conveniently.

Expert Tip: If you’re wondering whether a bath and shower combined look classy, know that some five-star hotels have their shower and bath combined. Hence, it all depends on how you fashion your bathroom to make it elegant.

A Touch of Art

In a limited space, you can still make the décor elegant by adding a few elements and elevating the room, that is, by making the best use of art. Do you have a favourite painting? Hang it against the wall of your back to wall bathtub.

If you have made an art piece and wish to showcase it in the best way possible, why not hang it against your bathroom wall? Plus, you can make your bathroom space more personal.

Art indeed provides a sense of comfort as you have something to relate to. Thus, adding a touch of art can elevate your bathroom décor.

Expert Tip: If you have your shower and bathtub together, you may want to reshuffle the place of the painting. You can hang the artwork besides the mirror and adjacent to the bathroom vanity. Also, the back of the door is another excellent place to hang your art.

Space-saving décor is a wise decision to make, especially when remodelling your bathroom. Plus, a back to wall bathtub is made to help you save space. So, using the ideas mentioned in the article (adding art, using an Italian theme, the subway tiles, and more), you can instantly elevate your bathroom. And these ideas are sure to withstand any trend or time.

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