Archive Storage: The Tech That Every Top Solution Should Have


Don’t let the digital age fool you – document storage is still imperative. If your business creates any tangible files then you need a secure record keeping solution. A secure solution will enlist cutting-edge technology to ensure your files are barcoded, tracked and individually stored. This is the safest solution and one that always ensures your files are ready for retrieval.

So, what technology goes into this solution for ultimate safekeeping? And how will it ensure that your documents are secure whilst making it easy to retrieve them?

Here is some of the top technology that goes into state of the art record keeping:

Individual storage

When it comes to the best archive storage Adelaide has, your files will be individually barcoded, tracked and stored. This is in contrast to storing them collectively in a box. This is done for multiple reasons:

  • To make document retrieval much easier for the recipient, and;
  • To ensure that multiple records cannot be compromised.

When you have an individually barcoded record you simply need to provide the number to your storage provider and they will be able to quickly retrieve it for you.

Secure facilities

It should come as little surprise that record keeping facilities are some of the safest in Australia. This is because for many companies there is nothing more important than ensuring their files are safe and free from the threat of compromise. Therefore, you can trust that a cutting-edge record keeping facility will contain the following security features:

  • Dedicated & thoroughly-vetted security personnel
  • Cutting-edge security software that ensures safe online inventory

Your provider will go to the greatest lengths to ensure your documents are kept safe and free from compromise.

Transport tubs

Because why should you have to go out of your way to acquire transport tubs? You and your team are busy making power moves and this would be an inconvenience you simply don’t need! As such, your provider will bring secure transport tubs to ensure that your records are safely transported to their state of the art facility. Each transport tub will be specially-tracked to ensure that it is safe from packing all the way to arriving at its destination.

Cheap handling fees

Because handling and retrieval fees shouldn’t cost a fortune. Your solution provider should be more than happy to offer cheap handling fees for retrieval. These fees are made cheaper because they are not retrieved from boxes. Your files are individually-stored and all you have to do is provide the tracking number to your provider and they will go and retrieve the file on your behalf. This solution makes it far cheaper than other providers who insist on charging more for this element of archive storage.

Online file culling

Your provider will offer a specialised online file culling tool. This allows you to easily barcode and lodge any new files you need stored. With such easy access to online file culling, you can trust that your documents will be easily retrieved whilst ensuring that they are safe from the threat of compromise. This is because only authorised staff will have access to this imperative state of the art technology.

As you can see, the best record keeping solution will offer a range of technology that ensures your documents are kept safe and free from any potential threats. This is the most important thing for many business owners who take their record keeping seriously. With such technology you can trust that your provider will ensure your documents’ safety!

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